High School Internships and Research Opportunities

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    There are lots of excellent summer programs for high school students. But what about internships for high school students? Although there may be fewer internship opportunities for high schoolers than there are pre-college summer programs, summer internships for high schoolers do exist and are a great way to spend your summers in high school. Some internships will provide students with a modest stipend or hourly wage, while others may be unpaid. In this article, we provide examples of both types of high school internship opportunities.

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    Advantages of internships for high schoolers

    There are lots of advantages to pursuing an internship while you’re in high school. In addition to providing your valuable work experience, an internship can help you explore potential career paths and introduce you to mentors — mentors who may even be willing to write you a college letter of recommendation. Additionally, applying for high school internships will help you practice writing cover letters and resumes. High school internships also look great on college applications!

    30 Internships for high schoolers

    Looking for internships for high schoolers? Or even internships for 9th graders? While many high school internships are reserved for high school juniors and seniors, some will work with younger students as well. It all depends on the program and the organization. This is why it’s important to do your research and sort through programs according to their eligibility requirements.  

    STEM Internships for high schoolers

    Whether you’re interested in research opportunities for high schoolers, engineering internships for high schoolers, or maybe even working with the Air Force or NASA, there are lots of high school internships that could be of interest to you. Click on the links below to learn more about these seven STEM internships for high schoolers:

    For even more ideas about STEM extracurriculars, check out our article, STEM Summer Programs: Master List.

    Medical internships for high schoolers

    There are a variety of medical research internships for high school students. Whether you’re interested in developing your leadership abilities, exploring potential medical careers, or actively contributing to medical research, there is something for everyone. Medical internships can be particularly helpful for students interested in pursuing pre-med. Visit the websites listed below for a better idea of which programs may be a good fit for you:

    Business internships for high schoolers

    Pursuing a business internship for high schoolers is a great way to explore potential careers while gaining valuable workplace skills and expanding your professional network. Business internships often focus on developing leadership abilities, so if you’re interested in studying business or are looking for ways to challenge yourself and help you reach your full potential, you may want to consider applying for a business internship. Check out the five programs listed below to see if any of them may be a good fit for you: 

    Law internships for high schoolers

    So, what are the best internships for law students? While it may seem early to start seeking out law internships in high school, starting sooner rather than later is actually a really good idea. Getting into law school is incredibly competitive, so the more comprehensive your resume is when you apply, the better your odds of admission are. The following four programs are great law internships for high schoolers:

    Museum and library internships for high schoolers

    Pursuing a high school internship through a museum or a library can be a great way to explore a variety of interests. Whether you’re interested in history, the arts, library science, rare books, or a variety of other topics, these settings can offer high schoolers great opportunities to network and explore potential careers, while gaining valuable work skills and developing leadership abilities. Check out the seven opportunities listed below to see if any of these programs feel like a good fit for you:

    Pre-college summer research programs

    While pursuing an internship for high schoolers is a great way to spend your summer, there are other summer research programs that may be a better fit — depending on your needs. Many research programs for high schoolers are referred to as “pre-college summer programs.” Basically, a pre-college summer program is an academic summer program meant to challenge and inspire college-bound students. For more information on these types of programs, check out our article, ​​Breaking Down Pre-College Summer Programs.  

    There are tons of pre-college summer programs out there! For example, if you’re interested in STEM activities, you may want to look into MIT summer programs for high schoolers or RIT summer programs for high schoolers. And if you’re really interested in a subject, such as forensic science summer programs for high schoolers, that wasn’t addressed in the previous 30 high school internships? Don’t worry, there are lots of programs out there! And if you’re willing to be proactive and take initiative, there may be even more opportunities available for you.

    Key takeaways and moving forward

    Knowing how to spend your summers in high school is a key part of college applications. A high school internship or pre-summer program could be great opportunities to challenge yourself and gain new skills, while bolstering your college applications. If the opportunities outlined in this article don’t feel like the best fit, don’t worry. Maybe a high school passion project could be a better fit!

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