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Careers at Prepory

Prepory is a college admissions and career coaching company whose goal is to help individuals surpass their academic and career expectations. As our efforts to get others into their dream college or job continue to grow, so does the size of our team. We are currently searching for motivated and qualified professionals to join our team and further our efforts to get our clients from where they are to where they should be.

Hear what our current employees have to say about life at Prepory:

Prepory’s company culture is incredibly rewarding to be a part of. We prioritize providing the highest quality of college admissions or career coaching services, while having fun and being down to earth along the way.

Working at Prepory feels like home. Our mission to improve other people’s lives is nothing short of inspiring and time-consuming yet, we don’t let it stop us from having lunch as a team every day.

Working at Prepory is an amazing experience. Being able to do what I love all the while positively impacting the lives of others is a great feeling. I am proud of the work we do and our team here at Prepory.

What's there not to love about working at Prepory? This is the best job I have ever had. I love waking up every morning knowing I am helping students achieve their wildest dreams with a group of people who feel like family.

Our Company Values

Client Centricity

Our programs are built with each of our clients in mind. We constantly update our technologies, curriculum, and data to provide the highest quality service. ​

Under Promise; Over Deliver

Client satisfaction is at the core what we do. We will always go the extra mile to ensure each of our clients are more than happy with the services they receive.


At Prepory, we recognize first, second, third, and ongoing impressions matter. We always bring our game face, whether meeting with a client or sending an email.


Prepory is about impacting lives. That is why we approach every day with a positive attitude and an open mind.


While we certainly know how to have fun, we value our professional work environment and interactions with our clients.

Grow your professional career with Prepory

Our Vision

Prepory is a company focused on building the best relationship with its clients through excellent service and impactful results. We stay true to our principles that go us this far while setting our eyes on a bright future. In the everchanging world of college admissions and career coaching, Prepory continues to deliver quality solutions through innovative ideas and industry expertise. Our vision for ourselves is as forward-looking as Prepory itself, and we are searching for talented individuals to help us fulfill this vision.

Industry Leaders and Pioneers

We strive to be best college admissions and career coaching company in the industry. Whether we are guiding high school students or job seekers, we always deliver results and encourage a positive client experience. Our challenge now is to remain leaders in our field while continuing to find ways to improve our product and adapt to the needs of our audience. From advancing our data collection processes to yearly updates of our curriculum, our vision has always been to grow Prepory in new and exciting ways.
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Brand Recongition

Prepory combines result-driven insights and advice with a wide range of industry knowledge to best guide our clients. The coaches and everyone on the team embrace a client-oriented mindset to ensure that we properly address the needs of our customers. With our number of clients continuing to increase, we have developed new ways to foster a positive relationship with every institutional partner, parent, student and job seeker. Our vision for the future centers on expanding our strong customer relations and discovering the most effective and hospitable means of engaging with clients.

Meritocritizing Education

We play an active role in expanding access to post-secondary education to low-income and minority students. Our institutional partnerships and proprietary resources help us guide students from various backgrounds to collegiate success and beyond. At the core of our company is our clients, and we go the extra mile to ensure that everyone we serve is empowered to achieve their goals, regardless of their circumstances.

Client and Partner Relationships

Whether they are a returning client or inquiring about our services for the first time, we want every interaction with Prepory to present a positive brand image to our audience. Prepory is reaching more people than ever, but we continue to pay attention to detail and go the extra mile for each client because that is what got us here. Our branding and marketing is always improving to better reflect company values and build a brand image that is both recognizable and respected.