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Comprehensive, personalized, and ongoing college admissions guidance to help you craft a stand-out application to top colleges and universities

Prepory’s Innovative Approach to College Counseling

Prepory is a premier college admissions counseling organization. Our student-centric approach to the college admissions process is reshaping how students apply to college, find their “fit,” and ultimately receive admission to their dream schools.

Individualized, growth-oriented coaching
The college application can be better understood as the culmination of the growth a student will experience in high school. Prepory aims towards long-term outcomes that maximize student success, both academically and personally.
Mentorship from the nation's most impressive college admissions team
Prepory college admissions coaches hail from the nation’s top colleges and universities, including Harvard, Duke, and Columbia. When you work with our team, you receive the most strategic college guidance with a personable and professional touch. Our coaches are relatable, approachable, and invested in your success.
Best technology and curriculum in the industry
Colleges want to learn about who you are in your college application. Our student-centric curriculum developed by former admissions officers and college admissions strategists builds the self-awareness high school students need to leverage their strengths and showcase their talents in their college application.

Our students have earned admissions to these and other top schools:

Comprehensive College Guidance

Our online college platform, MyPrepory, enables you to engage with your college admissions coach and the latest admissions data for colleges nationwide

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Trusted by families in 33 countries for our college admission expertise.

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students are enrolled in Prepory’s college counseling services worldwide.

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get into at least one of their top five school choices.

Trusted by families around the world

Proven guidance to get you on track

Prepory college admissions coaches work to build confidence so that students navigate the admissions process feeling prepared and on track. Our modern, end-to-end curriculum ensures students benefit from guidance on the latest college admissions trends.
How students describe their experience with Prepory
Working with my college admissions coach has made me confident about navigating the college admissions process.

It was your help that got him in! His essays came out amazing! The whole process is so confusing but Prepory took all the stress out of it. You guys are amazing!

Kelly M.

son admitted to University of Chicago

Peace of mind for parents invested in their child's success

From extracurricular planning to college list development, we provide support each step of the way while helping your child reach their fullest potential. Our approach empowers students to challenge themselves academically and cultivate their passions. Prepory students are equipped for college admissions success due to the knowledge and confidence they build through our coaching.

Personalized to you

We’ll help you understand what makes a competitive applicant while personalizing our guidance to your unique application process. Prepory’s college counseling goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to provide individualized and actionable goals for students to accomplish throughout high school.

Our students are 2.5x more likely to be admitted to a top 50 college or university
National Admissions Percentage
Prepory Admissions Percentage
University of Chicago
Duke University
Yale University
Carnegie Mellon University
University of Southern California
New York University
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What happy students and parents say about us:

Melanie J.admitted to Yale University
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I'm immensely grateful for all the support and resources I received through Prepory. I couldn't have done it without my coach. Thank you again for all of your invaluable help in the college process. I'm excited to see what the future holds!
Charlyne C.daughter admitted to Purdue University
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I cannot thank Prepory enough for all their mentoring they have given my child. They truly made applying for college as efficient, effective, and painless as possible. My senior has received acceptance letters and scholarships to every school that she has sent out her applications to so far.
Anisa U.admitted to Vanderbilt University
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Each session was like talking with a family member that cared so deeply about wanting to help make my dreams come true. With their help, I was given a four year full-tuition scholarship to Vanderbilt University. I cannot thank Prepory enough!
Laura J.admitted to Duke University
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Prepory has a team of wonderful individuals who are truly motivated to help you succeed. They have given me the tools I needed to showcase my best self to universities across the U.S. I couldn't thank Prepory enough for their kindness and commitment.
Juan F.admitted to Georgia Institute of Technology
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Prepory has helped me with my college application processes since 9th grade, always providing me a quality, friendly, and professional service. Today almost four years after, I don't know if I would have applied to as many colleges as I did without their help.

Differentiating yourself is the key to success

The challenge high school students face

Admissions officers at elite colleges are looking for more than just good grades and test scores. As colleges become more selective each year, high school students face the challenge of standing out in the admissions process. When building an incoming class, admissions officers look to admit a diverse cohort of students who each contribute a unique value to the campus.

How Prepory students excel

Prepory helps you develop a college application that will get you noticed. Through our comprehensive college essay writing and tailored counseling, we help students position themselves as strong and unique applicants to top schools. Our 1:1 advising services focus on crafting a college admissions narrative that is memorable and indicative of who you are.
"Most admissions officers will tell you that the personal statement is their absolute favorite part of the application. It's really a chance for us to get to know who you are, and it's really your major opportunity to speak up for yourself . . . [It is] your chance to say, 'Hello, this is me, and here's what matters to me and here's what I'd like to tell you about myself."
Marcia Landesman
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Yale University
“The best essays are the ones where we don’t just want to admit the student, we want to take them out for coffee once they’re here. We’re not admitting academic machines—we’re admitting classmates and roommates and kids who will make thoughtful contributions to our community.”
Macy Lenox
Associate Dean of Admissions at University of Virginia
"Who are you? It's about being reflective about your life, about your experiences, about what you're doing. I always tell students it's not the 'what' you're doing, but the 'how and why' you are doing them because I can clearly see 'what' you're doing, but 'how and why,' I can't see that, I can't jump into your mind. So when I put down your application, I want to feel like I just stepped out of your life."
Eddie Picket
Assistant Director of Admissions, Tufts University

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