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The fall of senior year comes with stress, anxiousness, and Early Decision deadlines. Staying on track of your college application timeline will ensure nothing falls trough the cracks. 

Comprehensive College Admissions Guidance

for 12th Grade

Once you enroll in our program, you’ll be paired with a College Admissions Coach who will begin by assessing your academic and extracurricular profile so far. Together, you’ll work together to determine a session cadence and schedule that aligns with your goals. 
You’ll have pre-determined, virtual, one-on-one sessions with your College Admissions Coach where you’ll dive deeper into wrapping up your applications, submitting your materials to Committee Review, and preparing for life after graduation. 

In the fall of senior year, you’ll participate in our Mock Committee Review, where a committee of admissions professionals with over 100+ years of admissions experience will review your application materials like your personal statement, supplemental essays, Common App activities sections, and academic standing. They’ll communicate areas to improve on and provide feedback on whether your admissions narrative is being conveyed correctly. 

After you’ve submitted your applications through early decision or regular decision, you’ll work with your Prepory coach to weigh your admission options and make the best decision for you and your family. SECURE YOUR FUTURE – ENROLL FOR EXPERT GUIDANCE
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Finalization: 12th Grade

Curriculum Overview

College Essay Refinement

Work intensively to ensure every word of your personal statement resonates with the Admissions Committee. This refers to more than just grammar; it’s about finding your voice, and making sure it’s heard in crowded admissions rooms.

Unlimited Essay, Resume, and Deferral Letter Reviews

Submit an unlimited number of essays, writing pieces, and resumes for comprehensive feedback from our team of Writing Specialists.

Supplemental Essays Strategizing

Craft concise and compelling responses tailored to each college’s supplemental question prompts.

Application Submission Planning

Organize and meet every deadline, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Our planning ensures you’re ahead of the curve.

Interview Preparation

Receive in-depth college interview coaching from our Mock Interview team. Learn how to communicate your achievements humbly yet confidently, ask insightful questions, and leave a lasting positive impression on your interviewers.

Decision Analysis

Once acceptance letters arrive, get guidance on making the final college choice considering various factors like financial packages, fit, and future prospects.


Program Features

Submit an unlimited number of essays, writing pieces, and resumes for comprehensive feedback from our team of Writing Specialists.

Get periodic notices for Parent Check-ins and book a time that aligns with your schedule, combining structured updates with flexibility.

Enables you to engage with your College Admissions Coach, submit relevant materials, view post-meeting notes, and stay up to date on the latest admissions data for colleges nationwide.

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Trusted by families in over 39 countries for our college admission expertise.


Over 14,000 students are enrolled in Prepory’s college counseling services worldwide.


Prepory students are 166% more likely to be admitted to a highly selective institution (or 2.6x).

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Standing out is the key to

holistic admissions


Admissions officers at elite colleges are looking for more than just good grades and test scores. As colleges become more selective each year, high school students face the challenge of standing out in the admissions process. When building an incoming class, admissions officers look to admit a diverse cohort of students who each contribute a unique value to the campus.


At Prepory, we do more than get you ready. Our coaching dives into what makes you special. We help you tell your story in a way that grabs attention. Through personalized feedback and strategic insights, we help you shape your narrative to resonate powerfully with admissions teams. Our track record proves that a story well-told can turn interest into an acceptance letter.

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