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With so many master’s programs across the US and UK, each with its own unique application requirements, navigating the application process can be overwhelming. The challenge isn’t just crafting tailored materials for each application; it’s juggling this demanding process while actively advancing your career or completing your current academic goals.

While it may seem daunting, it’s achievable with the guidance of our experienced admissions professionals.

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Engage in one-on-one advising sessions with your Prepory coach, who will offer a personalized strategy to assist you throughout every stage of your master’s degree admissions process.

Work closely with your admissions coach to identify master’s programs that best match your career goals and are the right fit for you.

Develop, refine, and perfect your writing materials. Your coach will provide thorough feedback and editing to ensure your submissions make a powerful impact on the admissions committee.

With the guidance of your Prepory coach, craft compelling resumes for each application, highlighting your professional skills and achievements effectively.

Your Prepory coach will help you identify ideal recommenders and strategize your requests to ensure your recommendations authentically vouch for your academic abilities and professional accomplishments.

Receive a comprehensive assessment of your academic and professional profile to enhance its competitiveness for your target master’s programs.

In mock interview sessions with your coach, you’ll hone your ability to deliver concise responses, answer scenario-based questions, and boost your confidence to excel in the actual interview.

From application to acceptance,
we’ll guide you every step of the way.

From application to acceptance, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Communicate your aspirations with a
compelling statement of purpose

Your statement of purpose is the heart of your master’s program application. It’s your chance to communicate your academic and professional narrative, driving ambitions for the program, and future professional aspirations.

Through our master’s admissions counseling program, you can submit an unlimited number of application materials for your master’s applications and elevate your writing with objective professional critiques from an entire team of Writing Specialists.

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What’s the difference between applying to
master’s programs in the US and UK?

US Master’s UK Master’s
Each university requires an individual application. Applications are made through the UCAS system for up to five universities.
GRE/GMAT scores are often required. GRE/GMAT scores are less emphasized.
Applicants must submit multiple essays or statements of purpose. Applicants need to write one personal statement for all applications.
Detailed resumes or CVs are required. More concise CVs are preferred.
Typically requires 2-3 letters of recommendation. Usually requires 1-2 letters of recommendation.
Transcripts from all attended universities are needed. Only transcripts from the last attended university are needed.
Application deadlines vary by university and are typically set well in advance. There is often a single deadline for many programs closer to the start of the term.
Interviews are less commonly part of the application process. Interviews are more common, depending on the course.

Apply for your master’s stress-free Frequently asked questions

A master’s degree can be very valuable if you want to become an expert in a specific field, enhance your credentials, and open up better job prospects. It’s a major commitment that should align with your career goals and areas of interest. If you’re eager to further your education and see a master’s as an important step for your professional growth, this could be an excellent path for you.

It’s ideal to begin working with a graduate admissions counselor at least one year before your intended application cycle. Starting early allows you to strategically enhance your profile, ensuring it’s competitive by the time you apply.

Your grad admissions coach will help you curate a tailored list of programs based on your preferences regarding academic requirements, program length, and delivery mode, among other factors.

Students can submit their statement of purpose, research proposal, resume, CV, diversity statement, and all other required supplemental writing materials for comprehensive feedback from our team of essay review experts. Our Writing Team will review their materials and provide grammatical, structural, organizational, and content feedback within three (3) business days. The written materials can be submitted as many times as needed.

Through one-on-one advising sessions, students meet with their graduate admissions coach to receive individualized counseling following their personalized syllabus and program milestones. Students work together with their coach to brainstorm, curate, and form their application collateral. These one-on-one advising sessions occur through Zoom video conferences and are 60 minutes long.

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