Career Counseling

Career Counseling Services

You’re experienced and qualified for the career you’re interested in. We’re experts in guidance and career counseling. Prepory career coaches help you navigate your career and land the job you’ve always wanted.

Our end-to-end career coaching program, Sprout, ensures individuals gain complete guidance for the job search. Our career coaches analyze, improve, and optimize everything from your resumes, cover letters, online presence, interview skills, and more. We help you build, thrive and grow, while earning the salary you deserve and propelling your career to greater heights.

Career Counseling for Professionals

We offer career counseling for adults with a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or higher who are looking to advance their professional careers. Our comprehensive and personalized program helps individuals at any stage of their career achieve their career goals from higher salary, better location, to a more rewarding career.

Career Counseling for the Unhappily Employed

Finding a new career can be both difficult and stressful, Prepory’s comprehensive career counseling program helps people pinpoint the industries that best suit their strengths and passions through comprehensive career exploration. After we carefully plan your next career move, our team of resume writers, designers, and interview preppers will help you construct a compelling story to ultimately land your new career path. We will also write a resume that proves you have transferable skills.

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Prepory Career Counseling Process

Our 90-day end-to-end career counseling program guides you through every aspect of the career search, interview, and job selection process. Throughout the entire process, your career counselor will provide expert advice and results-oriented guidance to help you make the best decision for yourself. With unlimited support, you have access to that guidance whenever you need it. While every client’s journey is unique, our program streamlines your job search process through regularly coordinated meetings for the first 6 weeks we’re working together.

Meet with a Prepory career coach
Meet with a personalized career coach to gain access to your personalized career coaching workbook, and schedule your weekly career counseling appointments. Your coach will learn about you, your current career, and your career plans. Finally, you and your coach will create goals, discuss potential careers and begin career planning.
Personality and aptitude assessments
Learn about your strengths and weaknesses with our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) Analysis. Complete a Myers-Briggs type indicator personality assessment to assess how your personality type will thrive in work functions and environments. We will use these tests to provide career guidance and source job openings best suited for you.
Resume and cover letter writing
Your career coach, along with our team of resume writing experts, will draft various resume versions tailored to your industries and job positions of choice. The team will also create accompanying cover letters that yield results and land you interviews.
LinkedIn upgrade
We optimize your online presence because we recognize first impressions are everything. We will begin by completing an audit of your online presence. We will assess how you present yourself online. We will then audit your social media to ensure employers see the best version of yourself.
Job sourcing
One of the most time consuming parts of the job search process is looking for jobs that best match your career interests. After getting to know you, our career coaches will search for jobs for you and organize postings based on relative fit. You and your coach will collaborate to pinpoint the best opportunities in the job market.
Interview practice
Your career coach will continuously conduct general and company-specific mock interviews, helping you intelligently answer each question.
Compensation negotiation
Once offered employment, we help you secure the compensation that you deserve by providing important tips on how to leverage your skills and experience to earn a higher salary.
Ongoing support
Receive unlimited support until you get hired and find your dream job.

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3x More Chances

You are 3x more likely to score an interview and get hired.

1:1 Coaching

One-on-one coaching tailored to your career goals.

Cut 1.5 Months

Reduce your average job search by 1.5 months.

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The job search process is a full-time job

Our team supports you and ensures you find your new dream job.

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