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liberal arts college, womens college
College Admissions

What Is A Liberal Arts College?

Liberal arts colleges focus less on preparing students for a future career but place emphasis on encouraging them to become critical thinkers.

furlough vs laid-off
Career Coaching

Furloughed vs. Laid-off: What Your Next Steps Should Be

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we began to see massive layoffs and furloughs. The words layoff and furlough was seen across countless headlines.

basic types of resumes
Career Coaching

The 4 Basic Types of Resumes and When to Use Them

Depending on your desired job industry, you may have to display your resume in a different format than the standard chronological order. Here are the 4 most common resume types and when to use them.

letters of recommendation
College Admissions

How to Successfully Request Recommendation Letters

A letter of recommendation is how someone else perceives you and views you as a student and an individual.

College Admissions

How Can Students Stay Productive During a Pandemic?

It’s no secret that our daily routines have changed. COVID-19 has flipped our day-to-day upside down. Face masks, restrictions on travel, and washing your hands …

linkedin profile tips
Career Coaching

31 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

LinkedIn was already a major player in the networking space for professionals, but now that social distancing practices are in place, people are turning to the platform, even more, to seek support in the job search process.

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With key elements of the college admissions process significantly altered, pay attention to what your child needs and wants during this time.

Furloughed or laid-off? Don't sweat it. Here are what your next steps should be.

Our Ultimate Guide to Getting Hired is here to help you throughout your job search. Make sure to download it here and take the next step in your career: #careercoaching preporycoaching photo

Cold emailing the right way can be tricky. Check out Prepory CEO, Daniel Santos, give his advice on the best way to send a networking email.

Here's some #MondayMotivation: REVAMP YOUR RESUME! This week's blog post unpacks the 4 basic types of resumes and when you should be using them. Make sure you're sending the correct resume format when you're applying to jobs. #resumewriting #careercoach

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