Who We Are

Prepory is a premier college admissions and career coaching company.

It’s our mission to help students and professionals go from where they are to where they should be.

Board Members

Tony Morales

Managing Director

Jeanne Allen

Founder and President
Center for Education Reform

Mark Zucker

Managing Member
Dorchester Capital Advisors

Bobbi Kurshan, ED.D.

Senior Fellow and Innovation Advisor

James Benedict, PH.D.

VC Principal
Kidd & Co.

Ron Packard

Founder and CEO
Pansophic Learning

Meet Our Team

Daniel E. Santos

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Skillen


Samantha Cardet


Andrea Toledano


Leticia Rodriguez


Catalina Correa


Annabel Campo


Kalah Thompson


Sandro Pacella


Prepory College Admissions Coaches

Prepory college admission coaches attend elite universities around the U.S. and receive extensive training on the college admissions process before working with each student.

The Prepory ‘near-peer’ mentorship program enables each student to relate to their college admissions coach while receiving unparalleled college admissions insight, helping students achieve their educational goals.

Featured College Admissions Coaches

Prepory Career Coaches

Sprout, our end-to-end career coaching program helps professionals land their dream jobs and get paid what they’re worth. Our coaches optimize resumes and cover letters, identify job opportunities tailored to you, and help you maximize compensation. 

Our team of seasoned professionals have worked across many industries, including recruiting, management consulting, education, law, marketing, and human resources. Our innovative career coaching program invests in your career success, aligns incentives, and empowers you with world-class career guidance.

Our clients have earned job offers from some of the world’s leading brands

Let us help you go from where you are to where you should be.

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