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Applying to a PhD program is challenging. It requires you to not only showcase your academic excellence and professional experience but also your ability to contribute original, impactful research. 

It’s a tall order, yet with the right guidance and expertise, you can accomplish it.

phd admissions counseling
Work with your Prepory coach through one-on-one advising sessions as they provide you with a customized strategy to support you through every step of your PhD admissions journey.

Collaborate with your admissions coach to research PhD programs that align with your academic and professional goals to create a list of schools that are the best overall fit for you.

Brainstorm, draft, edit, and curate impactful writing materials that leave lasting impressions on the admissions committee. Your coach will review every piece of writing and provide expert feedback before you include them in your final application.

Your coach will guide you on how to effectively connect with faculty to share your research interests, demonstrate academic and professional potential, and maximize your application prospects.

Prepare competitive resumes and/or CVs for each PhD program you apply to that showcase your talent and accomplishments alongside the guidance of your coach.

Your admissions coach will provide you with an overall assessment of your academic and professional history and create a plan for how you can continue building a competitive profile geared toward your ideal PhD program.

Through mock interview sessions with your coach, you’ll learn how to discuss your research proposal, practice articulating concise responses, and build your confidence to ultimately nail the interview.

Your path to PhD success starts here!

Your research proposal:
The cornerstone of the PhD application.

Writing your research proposal (or statement of purpose) is a large undertaking. You’re laying the groundwork for your future research and demonstrating your potential to contribute original knowledge to your field. 

Through our PhD admissions counseling program, you can submit an unlimited number of application materials for your PhD applications and elevate your writing with objective professional feedback from our team of Writing Specialists.

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Frequently asked questions

Pursuing a PhD is a major commitment that should align with your long-term goals and interests in research. It’s great for those passionate about a specific field and want to contribute extensively to its body of knowledge, typically in academia or high-level research roles. If you thrive in rigorous academic environments and have a clear vision of how a PhD can advance your career, it may be the right path for you.

Your grad admissions coach will help you curate a tailored list of PhD programs based on your preferences regarding academic requirements, program length, and delivery mode, among other factors.

It’s ideal to begin working with a graduate admissions counselor at least one year before your intended application cycle. Starting early allows you to strategically enhance your profile, ensuring it’s competitive by the time you apply.

Students can submit their statement of purpose, research proposal, resume, CV, diversity statement, and all other required supplemental writing materials for comprehensive feedback from our team of essay review experts. Our Writing Team will review their materials and provide grammatical, structural, organizational, and content feedback within three (3) business days. The written materials can be submitted as many times as needed.

Through one-on-one advising sessions, students meet with their graduate admissions coach to receive individualized counseling following their personalized syllabus and program milestones. Students work together with their coach to brainstorm, curate, and form their application collateral. These one-on-one advising sessions occur through Zoom video conferences and are 60 minutes long.

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