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Prepory believes in finding your perfect college fit. If your first choice wasn’t the best choice for you, we will help you identify and apply for colleges that better suit your needs. Our college counseling has helped hundreds of students receive admission to the schools of their dreams.

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Transfer admissions are different from traditional college admissions. Instead of assessing your readiness and qualification to go to college, colleges are more interested in understanding why you’ve decided to transfer. In many cases, the transfer admissions process is more selective than regular admissions. Transfer students will need to construct a competitive application to prove the schools they are applying for are a better fit.

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Frequently asked questions

Simply put, a transfer advisor assists students who are interested in transferring from their current institution to a different higher education institution. Transfer counselors walk students through every step of the transfer process. Knowledgeable advisors understand the culture and expectations of each school beyond the school’s webpage and will be able to suggest schools based on your personality and preferences. They will also have a clear understanding of the transfer admissions process. You should feel free to ask your transfer advisor how many students they have helped successfully transfer to other institutions and how they support students. You may also want to ask how many counseling appointments you are allotted throughout your program.
Transfer applications typically open in September and close on March 1st or 15th. Typically, students begin their applications in January. However, we advise transfers to begin earlier. Each school has a different decision deadline; most schools release transfer decisions in April. Your coach will help you prioritize applications by deadline and preference to ensure you allocate the right amount of time to each application.
While it is not necessary for you to complete your general education requirements, it is important to maintain good academic standing. Your college GPA is extremely important. It tells colleges how well you perform in a college environment. Equally important is your extracurricular involvement; you want to prove your leadership abilities and highlight your effort to try to fit in at your current school. It is vital that you highlight your earnest effort to find your place at your current school. Finally, colleges place emphasis on your essays and letters of recommendation. Every part of your application should communicate your intelligence, dedication, and leadership abilities.

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