College Counseling

for Institutions

On average, we’ve helped partner schools realize a 250% increase in acceptances to the top 50 elite colleges and universities, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report.

Prepory works with school counselors and administrators to empower students, parents, and teachers with college prep materials.

Counselors and administrators at schools often manage large caseloads of students. We partner with schools to supplement their offerings and provide one-on-one college coaching, planning, and engagement.

How Prepory benefits your school

On-campus workshops

With our on-campus workshops, Prepory meets each school’s unique needs. From helping students draft personal statements and exploring college opportunities to training faculty on how to write better letters of recommendation, our experts offer state of the art college admission coaching solutions.

One-on-one personalized guidance

Prepory college admissions coaches provide one-on-one guidance for each student, We act as an additional layer of support for institutions and counseling departments.

eLearning curriculum and online course content

Our eLearning curriculum and advanced educational materials are meant to optimize student success rates. We prepare students for the college application processes, careers, and life after high school. Prepory course modules, assignments, and assessments can all be customized to meet your school’s unique needs.

“ Working with Prepory has been nothing short of amazing. The tools they have shared with our students in combination with the work we as counselors do will help students further their education and continue striving for success. I’m so happy we are all on the same team! ”
Michelle Escoto
School Counselor at Pinecrest Preparatory High School
“ I know that without the guidance, support, and knowledge offered by Prepory, I wouldn’t have had the confidence or know-how to navigate the college admissions process and get to where I am now. Prepory changed my life ”
Anthony O’Neil
admitted to the Harvard University
“ These college admissions coaches are not just professionally invested, they’re also genuinely emotionally invested. I’ve been able to become real friends with my coaches, and it was the interest they took in me and the relationships I developed that helped me realize my dream. ”
Nicholas Mijares
admitted to Columbia University

of our clients say that they prefer Prepory’s online course to their former provider because our content is built with today's student in mind.

Our students have earned admissions to these and other top schools

Our team of college admissions experts is professional, engaging, and relatable.