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Prepory students are 2.78x more likely to be admitted to a college with an acceptance rate below 15%.


An impressive 36% of our students who’ve been accepted to a college with an acceptance rate below 15% did not submit their SAT/ACT scores.


93% of Prepory students are admitted to at least 1 of their top 5 schools.

ED admissions rate

52% Early Decision admissions rate for the class of 2028.

Prepory students have been admitted to every top university in the country. You could be next!

Prepory students have been admitted to every top university in the country. You could be next!

Real results you want to brag about!

The Prepory Advantage

University General Admit Rate Prepory Admit Rate Prepory Advantage
Stanford University 3.68% 9.5% 2.58x
Columbia University 3.8% 10.7% 2.82x
Princeton University 3.9% 19.0% 4.87x
California Institute of Technology 3.9% 25.0% 6.41x
University of Pennsylvania 4.1% 10.8% 2.63x
Duke University 5.1% 16.1% 3.16x
Brown University 5.1% 25.9% 5.08x
Dartmouth College 5.3% 21.4% 4.04x
University of Chicago 5.9% 40.0% 6.78x
Johns Hopkins University 6.2% 21.1% 3.40x
Swarthmore College 6.78% 40.0% 5.90x
Cornell University 6.9% 23.1% 3.34x
Northwestern University 7.0% 25.0% 3.57x
Barnard College 7.0% 50.0% 7.14x
New York University 8.0% 32.0% 4.00x
UCLA 8.5% 26.2% 3.08x
Amherst College 9.0% 33.3% 3.70x
Tufts University 9.5% 33.3% 3.51x
Boston University 10.8% 50.0% 4.63x
Emory University 10.6% 50.0% 4.72x
Washington University in St. Louis 11.0% 26.7% 2.43x
Georgetown University 13% 42.9% 3.30x
Tulane University 13.0% 75.0% 5.77x
Boston College 15% 50.0% 3.33x
Williams College 25.0% 7.5% 3.33x

Featured acceptance rates from the class of 2027 and 2028 college admissions data.

Students who enroll in Prepory by 11th grade are 3.37x more likely to be admitted to a highly selective institution.

Students who enroll in Prepory by 11th grade are 3.37x more likely to be admitted to a highly selective institution.

college admissions testimonials

Thousands of families

trust Prepory

My son and I interviewed about 15 different admission consulting companies before I decided on Prepory. I chose Prepory because they simply offered more hours at the lowest price of any of the reputable companies. We were given 2 committee reviews, where many different consultants read my son’s application, alongside around 30 hours of one-on-one time. Comparable companies really only offered 30 hours for the same price. I’m proud to say that the consulting worked. My son is now attending Brown, and, after seeing how many rounds of revision they went through, I can confidently say that he wouldn’t have gotten to the Ivy League without Prepory and his counselor, Peter.

Nacy C.
Son admitted to Brown University

Prepory has helped me with my college application processes since 9th grade, always providing me a quality, friendly, and professional service. Today almost four years after, I don't know if I would have expanded and applied my college prospects without their help. They help me revise my supplement, link me to admission officers, and informational webinars. Aside from these valuable services, all my coaches have been extremely friendly and supportive. Each session is like talking to an old friend or family. I am infinitely grateful to Prepory for these years of service.

Juan F.
Admitted to Georgia Institute of Technology

Rya Muller has been a consistent source of providing guidance, timely feedback, and any and all help my daughter has needed. I would 1000% recommend Prepory for dedicated coaches like her. She has undoubtedly been an indispensable person in the college application process throughout my daughter's junior and senior year.

Grace B.
Daughter admitted to Carnegie Mellon University

Prepory helped our daughter navigate the strenuous application process by breaking it down into manageable tasks, on a set timeline, in order to make it to the finish line - without last minute cramming!

Jay B.
Daughter admitted to Dartmouth

Prepory team was supportive and helpful. Giving confidence and pointing out flaws at the same time. We thought that it was an excellent way for the whole application process.

Silvia G.
Daughter admitted to Boston College

I would have left a similar rating even if my son had not got into several top schools. In terms of this, Bruno, my son's coach, worked with him to ensure that no matter what the outcome, he had done all he could to put himself in the best position. The fact that Bruno recognized what message my son wanted to convey and did not put his own spin into the process, meant a lot to our family. We understand that results matter, and we achieved that, but it was not at the expense of anything that was important to my son.

David K.
Son admitted to the University of Pennsylvania

I know that without the guidance, support, and knowledge offered by Prepory, I wouldn’t have had the confidence or know-how to navigate the college admissions process and get to where I am now. Prepory changed my life.

Anthony O.
Admitted to Harvard University

These college admissions coaches are not just professionally invested, they’re also genuinely emotionally invested. I’ve been able to become real friends with my coaches, and it was the interest they took in me and the relationships I developed that helped me realize my dream.

Nicholas M.
Admitted to Columbia University

The Prepory Team was exemplary. Meghan and the rest of the team provided guidance and experience that my wife and I could never have provided. I highly recommend Prepory to any student with aspirations of attending their "dream school".

Hussein E.
Daughter admitted to Duke

On behalf of my family, we would like to thank you for all your guidance and support for Varsha. We appreciate the patience and diligence with which you guided Varsha, worked with her side by side on the essays, and helped her get to her dream colleges. We are excited that she got into the highly selective UT Canfield Business Honors Program and gets to go to college closer to home. Thanks again to you and the Prepory team.

Raj M.
Daughter admitted to UT Austin

Each session was like talking with a family member that cared so deeply about wanting to help make my dreams come true. With their help, I was given a four-year full-tuition scholarship to Vanderbilt University. I cannot thank Prepory enough!!!

Anisa U.
Admitted to Vanderbilt University

We had bad experiences with our older children, so we talked to many different college counselors to get it right this time. We heard about Prepory through a family friend and ultimately chose them because we felt they had total understanding of the admissions process and knew what to do and when to do it. Our son got into Stanford thanks to Prepory.

John O.
Son admitted to Stanford University

Prepory is an excellent college counseling program. They really care about the success of their students, and provide one of the most affordable, comprehensive, and personalized counseling programs out there. My daughter was very happy with her coach Rya, as well as her program director Sarah who made her feel comfortable and went out of their way to help her get into the best schools possible. My daughter got into top schools like UCLA and Cal but chose Purdue since she got into their joint BS/DVM Vet Scholars program. Only 6-8 high school students are selected each year for this program. Thank you Prepory for all your love and support!

Reeta M.
Daughter admitted to Purdue

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the attention and support you provided me during my college admission process. I am pleased to inform you that I have completed my senior year and have been admitted to the university of my choice. I want to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your valuable contribution to my application process. Your guidance and advice were fundamental in my success. I am infinitely grateful and satisfied with the work done by Prepory. Your team has been exceptional throughout, and I am confident they will continue to provide excellent service to other students in the future. Once again, thank you very much for all your support. It has been a true pleasure working with you and the Prepory team.

Paulina L.
Admitted to Northeastern

Working with Prepory was my best decision I made for my daughter during her high school years. It was an incredibly rewarding experience. I cannot thank you enough for this Fantastic team in helping my daughter, especially James and Luke. Thank you for their patience, dedication and knowledge. I am very pleased with the progress and results. I definitely will come back for my younger child in 3 years.

Cindy F.
Daughter admitted to the University of Rochester

college admissions testimonials

Thousands of families

trust Prepory

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Please note that a parent or guardian must be on the consultation for high school students.

Please note that a parent or guardian must be on the consultation for high school students.