College Admissions FAQ

The college admissions process can be confusing, so it’s okay to have some questions before working with Prepory. Below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about our college admissions counseling program.

College counseling is a service that guides students on the path to college admissions success. The college admissions process is exactly that—a process, and an individualized one that requires critical steps at each stage. 


To succeed in the admissions process, students must accomplish several milestones: 1) develop the self-awareness and clarity they need to excel in their academic and collegiate endeavors 2) understand how their application will be evaluated by admissions officers and 3) how to effectively package and present the achievements they’ve worked so hard to earn. 


We evaluate and coach our students through a holistic approach to get them from where they are to where they should be.

Our college counseling program guides students through effectively navigating the college admissions process with confidence.


During our tailored coaching sessions, students explore best-fit college options, demonstrate meaningful academic and extracurricular involvement, and understand how to strategically tell their story on their college applications alongside their dedicated college admissions coach.

Students can select from several afterschool time options to meet with their college admission coach for the duration of their program. Session frequency varies depending on grade level and the program you’re enrolled in.

Our college admissions team leverages over 100 years of collective admissions experience. Our team is made up of multi-degree academics, former university faculty, former admissions officers, Ivy League writing coaches, and graduates from the nation’s most selective schools.


Students are paired with a college admissions coach based on their availability and career interests.


All Prepory college admissions coaches partake in a comprehensive college admissions training course created by our team of former admissions officers at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, and Brown University before working with their students.


To learn more about who we are, schedule a free initial consultation. 

Due to high demand, we are unable to coordinate a meeting with our coaches prior to enrollment. 


Once the student is enrolled in Prepory’s programs, you’ll schedule an Orientation Session between your student and their college admissions coach in advance of starting their 1:1 advising sessions.

During your free initial consultation, we’ll assess your student’s applicant profile and higher education goals, provide detailed information about our services, and share tips on how to navigate the U.S. college admissions process.


If you have further questions after our initial call, we’ll be happy to coordinate a second call with the whole family to make sure no one's questions are left unanswered.

Through 1:1 advising sessions, students meet with their college admissions coach to receive individualized counseling following their personalized syllabus and program milestones. They’ll work together to brainstorm, curate, and form their college application collateral. 1:1 advising sessions occur through Zoom video conferences and are 60 minutes long.

College Exploration Workshops: Current students at top universities across the nation broadly discuss their school and personal experience at their university. 


Thematic Workshops: Students participate in conversations concerning specialized advising topics, including STEM, study abroad, transferring schools, and other college admissions-related topics.


These workshops address niche questions and interests while giving the student a sneak-peek into real experiences at some of the top universities in the U.S.

Students can submit their personal statements, supplemental essays, and high school resumes through our online platform, MyPrepory, for comprehensive feedback. Our team will review their materials and provide grammatical, structural, organizational, and content feedback within 24-48 business hours.

During parent check-in calls, parents will meet with their child’s college admissions coach and a member of the Prepory team. They’ll discuss their child’s progress and have the opportunity to ask questions regarding their application process. Parent check-ins are 30 minutes long. 

We have several program offerings depending on grade level and the student’s goals. Some of our services include hourly advising, unlimited college essay and resume reviews, and comprehensive programs for high school and transfer students. Our standard program, our most popular service offering, includes 1:1 advising sessions, unlimited essay and resume reviews, college exploration and thematic workshops, and access to college prep content via MyPrepory. Our standard hourly rate is $300/hr and our comprehensive annual counseling programs start at $4,500.

The earlier, the better! The college admissions process is a holistic process and the committee evaluates all four years of high school. Most elite private schools begin college planning in 7th grade.

We’ve paired up with Cialfo to facilitate communication between our coaches, students, parents, and Prepory HQ through our unique online platform which we call MyPrepory. MyPrepory is where students access their 1:1 advising sessions, College Exploration and Thematic Workshops, preview their application materials, and submit their essays and resume for review. Once students are enrolled in Prepory, they’ll receive an email with instructions to create their MyPrepory account.


To learn more about MyPrepory, click here.

Yes! While our transfer college admissions coaching services are tailored to each student’s unique transfer application process, some topics transfer applicants engage with are finalizing a college list, letters of recommendation, the personal statement, resume construction, and financial aid.


To learn more about our transfer admissions services, click here.

Prepory’s high school partnerships include on-campus seminar topics, online course content, and guidance tailored to meet your school’s specific needs. 


To learn more about our institutional partnerships, click here.

Although we have a strong success record, nothing is guaranteed in the college admissions process. Our goal is to support students and ensure students have the tools and knowledge necessary to successfully apply to their dream school.