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Career Coaching

How to Write a Resume in 2020

It is important to effectively highlight your strengths in your resume to differentiate you from other candidates applying to similar positions. Read on to find out how to properly write a resume for 2020.

Career Coaching

Navigating Your Job Search During Coronavirus

Whether you are graduating in a couple of months, recently got laid off, furloughed or have been unemployed, your job search process should shift.

Career Coaching

Expert Tips on Finding A Job Right After College

Now that you’ve graduated college, you’re off to the next step on your career: an actual job. Read on as we break down the job search process for a recent grad.

College Admissions

Ultimate Guide on Faith-Based Colleges in the U.S.

While most colleges and universities give students exposure to individuals from all different backgrounds, faith-based colleges help students find a community of people with similar religious ideals.

College Admissions

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship: What You Need to Apply & Win

Here’s everything that you need to know before applying for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. And a few tips on how to make sure you win.

College Admissions

How Coronavirus Will Affect College Admissions

As COVID-19 continues to shape our lives for the foreseeable future, it also shapes the college admissions landscape. Here’s how.

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Federal Student Aid @FAFSA
A lot has changed due to the #coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency, but one thing that hasn’t? The FAFSA® form 👇

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