Top Liberal Arts Colleges and Their Programs

If you’ve considered a liberal arts education, you’ve likely felt overwhelmed by the thousands of options. But that’s a good thing. After all, with so many liberal arts schools to choose from, there’s definitely one that’s perfect for you! 

If you haven’t considered a liberal arts education yet, find out what a liberal arts college is and consider why you should apply.

A liberal arts college emphasizes a well-rounded approach to learning. Transitioning from high school to college is difficult, but for students attending a liberal arts college, these challenges are weakened. Teacher-student ratios are much smaller than they would be at public institutions, which helps students focus and integrate as they contribute to classroom discussions. In more intimate environments, students gain more value from their education, as they are able to build strong and lasting relationships with those around them.

Most of these schools cater mostly to undergraduate students — and the college experience is amplified as a result. Even though liberal arts schools are typically more expensive than research and state universities at first glance, they tend to offer more generous financial aid packages, allowing students to graduate debt-free and ready to take on the world. 


Here are a few schools with great programs:

Amherst College

Located in Massachusetts, Amherst is a