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We offer a college admissions essay and deferral letter help package to assist high school students with the most important part of the college application process. Our expert editors have degrees in writing, attended elite colleges and universities, and have hundreds of success stories editing college essays. Our college essay and deferral letter review process goes further than editing for a missing comma or period. We dig deep to learn more about who you are and what you want to tell admissions officers.

Our college admissions experts help students craft a compelling college essay and deferral letter an unlimited amount of times (exclusive to essay edits — no resumes, activities section, or other CommonApp sections). Each enrollment is valid for 90 days from date of enrollment.

Once you enroll, we’ll create your personal MyPrepory account within 2 business days so you can get access to our platform and begin submitting your essays right away.

Submit an unlimited amount of college essays or deferral letters drafts via our unique platform, MyPrepory.

Our college application essay experts will review your submissions and provide line-by-line, detailed feedback within 2 business days.

Receive ongoing support in drafting your college materials until you confident in the story you’re telling the admissions committee.

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Draft essays that reflect your personality and individuality

Perfect your essay or deferral letter’s grammar and word choice

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What types of application essays

can students submit?

Personal Statement

The personal statement is an essay about you. Most colleges will ask for a personal statement. While this essay has general prompt ideas, you can write about whatever you’d like. Admissions officers use this essay to get to know you on a personal level. We recommend writing a story that reflects who you are and what your values are.

Supplemental Essays

These essays vary by university; some colleges require many supplemental essays, others do not require one at all. These essays are usually shorter in length and ask questions unique to the university. Essay prompts range from “Why do you want to go to this university?” to “What books did you read this summer?”. As a general note, all Ivy League and highly selective institutions require supplemental essays.

Deferral Letters

Were you or your student deferred from their dream school after applying Early Decision or Early Action? We can help. Deferral letters are a key opportunity to affirm interest, impress the admissions committee, and stand out in a crowded field of applicants. Our team will help you get your deferral letter done right.

And more, such as:

Common Application Essays

Scholarship Essays

Coalition Application Essays

Increase your admissions odds

with an impactful deferral letter

  • 1 Learn to highlight your strengths and character through your writing
  • 2 Establish a clear and consistent voice across your materials
  • 3 Draft a letter that demonstrates interest in your dream school

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Frequently asked questions

Our advice? Try not to focus on test scores, GPA, or other things that exist elsewhere on your college application. All colleges, especially ivy league institutions, are looking for passionate and special individuals. Focus on stories that highlight who you are. Some students talk about extracurricular activities that changed their outlook on life, others talk about their cultural backgrounds. What’s most important is that you write about something that is important to you and reflects your values.

No it is not! It is illegal to have someone write your personal statement, common app essay, or any of your supplemental essays. Our team does not write essays for students, instead, we guide students through the whole process and help them write the best college essay they can.

While a stellar college essay can certainly bolster your chances of admission, it does not stand alone in the admissions process. GPA, extracurricular activities, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a host of other things matter.

Yes! We have heard of admissions officers reaching out to students about their personal statements after admittance because they were so impactful. You do not want to leave your essays until the last minute. They are a very important part of the holistic admissions process.

We recommend getting your college essays reviewed by high school english teachers, school counselors, counselors at a CBO, and/or independent educational consultants like Prepory.

Our essay critique package includes unlimited submissions and reviews of college essays for $1095.