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College admissions is getting more selective each year

The college admissions process is complicated. From financial aid to class selection to summer activities that look best on a college application, there is tons of insider knowledge about the college admissions process. We are here to share that information with you. Our college admissions coaches empower students with the knowledge to build a competitive college application, search for the right colleges that match their goals, and ultimately gain acceptance at the school best suited for them.  No matter what school year you’re in, Prepory can provide the college admissions assistance to reach your dreams in higher education.   

Results at elite colleges

Our students are 2x as likely to earn admissions to a top 50 institution

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Our students get into 75% of the schools they apply to, over twice the national average

meet the coaches

How does college admissions assistance work at Prepory?

Prepory utilizes the near-peer mentoring program, which pairs high school students with a college admissions coach who has recently completed the college admissions process. Our college admissions counselors are current college students at the most selective institutions in the country. They undergo extensive training to walk students through the college application process. Sessions will follow a structured curriculum to ensure students understand the most important parts of the college admissions process, however coaches’ personal experiences add an essential, real-world layer. 

While it is best to start in the 9th grade, high school students in any school year can begin meeting with a coach to help them strategize and build a competitive application. 

Outperform expectations

Our students are 3x as likely to receive acceptances from their "reach" schools

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95% of our students get into 1 or more of their top 3 college picks

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