The 15 Best BS/MD Programs to Apply To

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    As the demand for spots in medical school continues to grow, more and more students each year are considering applying to BS/MD programs. These combined programs provide a direct path into medical school by conditionally admitting students as undergraduates, as long as they maintain certain academic standards throughout college. 

    BS/MD programs are extremely desirable, but also extremely competitive. Acceptance rates for even the less selective combined programs are typically under 10%. The most prestigious BS/MD programs like those at Brown and Northwestern can have admission rates as low as 2-5%. In this blog, we’ll take a look into what makes these top BS/MD programs so prestigious.

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    Top 15 BS/MD programs in the US

    BS/MD programs are highly sought after due to their rigorous academic requirements and the seamless transition they offer from undergraduate studies to medical school. Below is a chart detailing the top 15 most competitive and prestigious BS/MD programs, including their average GPA, standardized test scores, and program lengths.

    School Average GPA Average SAT Score Average ACT Score
    Brown University (PLME) 4.0 1530 34
    Northwestern University (HPME) 3.9 1540 35
    University of Southern California 3.9 1510 34
    University of Connecticut 3.9 1500 34
    Case Western Reserve University 3.9 1520 34
    Washington University in St. Louis 3.9 1540 35
    University of Rochester 3.8 1500 33
    Stony Brook University 3.8 1480 32
    University of Pittsburgh 3.8 1500 33
    Drexel University 3.8 1470 32
    University of Cincinnati 3.8 1480 33
    Virginia Commonwealth University 3.75 1470 32
    Rutgers University 3.75 1450 32
    George Washington University 3.8 1460 33
    University of Miami (Miller School of Medicine) 3.8 1500 33

    As you can see, these programs require near-perfect grades and test scores. After all, you’re essentially applying to undergrad and med school at the same time. Let’s now take a deeper look into each of these BS/MD programs and their acceptance rates.


    Brown University (PLME)

    With an acceptance rate of just 3-4%, Brown’s Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) is one of the most competitive combined programs around. This elite 8-year contingent program is a direct pathway into the university’s Warren Alpert Medical School. PLME students follow a tailored liberal arts curriculum focused on cultivating well-rounded physician-scholars. Highlights include dedicated advisors, hospital volunteering, summer community health projects, and medical research opportunities.

    Brown PLME

    Northwestern University (HPME)

    Similarly selective is Northwestern’s Honors Program in Medical Education (HPME). This combined 8-year BS/MD track grants provisional admission to the top-ranked Feinberg School of Medicine for around 2-3% of applicants per cycle. In addition to a rigorous pre-med foundation, HPME provides early clinical exposure through coursework, physician mentors, medical tours, and community outreach programs. The program emphasizes leadership, service, and developing exceptional critical thinking skills.


    University of Southern California (Keck School of Medicine)

    The University of Southern California offers a highly regarded 8-year combined BS/MD program through the prestigious Keck School of Medicine. With an acceptance rate around 5%, this contingent program provides a direct path to medical school for exceptional students committed to pursuing an MD. The undergraduate years feature a specialized pre-medical curriculum, early clinical experiences, physician mentorship, research opportunities, and volunteer service placements to prepare students holistically for the Keck medical program.


    University of Connecticut (Special Program in Medicine)

    As one of the most distinguished combined programs in the nation, the University of Connecticut’s Special Program in Medicine shapes students into exceptional physicians. This 3+4 program shortens undergraduate studies to three years, followed by four years at UConn School of Medicine for admitted students, whoa typically have an average GPA of 3.9. The program’s emphasis on liberal arts education aims to develop critical thinking skills, communication abilities, and interdisciplinary knowledge—a rigorous yet adaptable pathway into medicine. Recent acceptance rates for the program have ranged between 6-8%.

    Students studying in a BS/MD program

    Case Western Reserve University (Pre-Professional Scholars Program in Medicine)

    Case Western’s Pre-Professional Scholars Program in Medicine is an 8-year combined degree track with admission into the university’s School of Medicine. With an acceptance rate around 10%, it’s one of the more accessible BS/MD programs, though still highly competitive. The lock-step curriculum integrates undergraduate science coursework with clinical involvement starting in year one. Benefits include physician mentoring, community service requirements, and dedicated advising to prepare students for the transition to med school.


    Washington University in St. Louis (University Scholars Program in Medicine)

    Among the most prestigious combined studies options is the University Scholars Program in Medicine at WashU. This accelerated 7-year program directly matriculates a scant 2-4% of applicants into WashU’s School of Medicine, which is ranked among the top 20 medical schools in the country. Students complete undergraduate degree requirements across just three years through advanced placement before seamlessly continuing to the medical curriculum. The program prioritizes research engagement, clinical exposure, service learning, and quantitative analytical skills development from day one.


    University of Rochester (REMS)

    The University of Rochester’s Renaissance Scholar Program (REMS) is an 8-year combined BS/MD track with provisional admission to the university’s top-ranked medical school. With an acceptance rate around 6-8%, REMS is extremely selective but provides a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum integrating liberal arts and medicine. Students benefit from early clinical exposure, dedicated advising, research, and volunteer opportunities, plus enrichment programs focused on developing strong communication skills and cultural competencies.

    University of Rochester REMS

    Stony Brook University (Scholars for Medicine)

    Stony Brook’s Scholars for Medicine program allows students to complete their undergraduate degrees in 3 years before seamlessly continuing to the Stony Brook University Renaissance School of Medicine. This accelerated 7-year track sees acceptance rates around 5% annually. The condensed curriculum covers all pre-med requirements while providing early patient exposure, clinical skills training, research experience, and dedicated mentorship from medical faculty. There’s also a focus on developing leadership abilities and a holistic understanding of healthcare systems.


    University of Pittsburgh (Guaranteed Admit Program)

    The University of Pittsburgh’s Guaranteed Admit Program offers a direct pathway into Pitt’s highly-ranked School of Medicine. This accelerated 7-year combined program sees acceptance rates between 6-8% each cycle. Students complete undergraduate requirements in just 3 years of rigorous study including clinical exposure opportunities. The condensed schedule then provides an easier transition into Pitt’s medical curriculum. Support features robust academic advising, mentorship, and options for pursuing research, community service, and study abroad.


    Drexel University (BS/MD Accelerated Degree Program)

    Through Drexel’s BS/MD Accelerated Degree Program, a select 6-8% of applicants gain conditional acceptance to the university’s College of Medicine. This combined 7-year track includes 3 years of undergraduate biomedical coursework with built-in clinical experiences, advising, research opportunities, and dedicated MCAT prep. Students then advance to complete the remaining medical training at Drexel’s highly-ranked College of Medicine. Hallmarks include interdisciplinary learning, early patient interaction, and leadership/service activities.

    BS/MD students in class

    University of Cincinnati (Connections Dual Admissions Program)

    The University of Cincinnati’s Connections Dual Admissions Program offers guaranteed entry into the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine for a select 8-10% of undergraduates. This accelerated 7-year or 8-year combined track provides a well-rounded pre-med education incorporating clinical shadowing, physician mentorship, research, community service, and dedicated MCAT prep. Students benefit from individualized advising and professional development activities aimed at cultivating top physician candidates.


    Virginia Commonwealth University (Guaranteed Admission Program for Medicine)

    VCU’s Guaranteed Admission Program for Medicine grants provisional acceptance to the university’s School of Medicine for a very competitive 7% of applicants each year. This combined 8-year program follows a traditional 4-year undergraduate schedule before advancing students to the medical curriculum. Key features include specialized pre-med advising, early clinical experiences, structured MCAT prep, leadership, and service learning opportunities, plus options for global health research and interdisciplinary collaboration.


    Rutgers University (BA/MD Program)

    Rutgers’ prestigious BA/MD Program provides a direct path into the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School for a selective 7% of admitted students annually. This combined 8-year program features a comprehensive pre-medical education at Rutgers University, followed by 4 years at the medical school. Students benefit from specialized academic advising, clinical experiences, physician mentors, research opportunities, and activities cultivating leadership abilities. The rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum aims to develop well-rounded critical thinkers prepared for medical training.

    Rutgers University campus

    George Washington University (Seven-Year BA/MD Program)

    George Washington University offers an accelerated 7-year combined BA/MD program for a very competitive 2-4% of applicants each cycle. This direct medical pathway comprises 3 years of undergraduate study condensing all pre-med requirements, followed by 4 years at GW’s School of Medicine & Health Sciences. From day one, students gain early clinical exposure through courses and activities at the medical school. They also receive personalized academic advising, mentoring from medical faculty, options for research and community outreach, and MCAT preparation support.


    University of Miami (Miller School of Medicine)

    The University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine offers a highly selective 7-Year Medical Scholars Program, with an acceptance rate of just 6-8%. This combined degree track provides a direct pathway to UM’s prestigious medical school, grooming exceptional physician leaders. Scholars follow a tailored curriculum that combines rigorous pre-medical training with early clinical exposure, hands-on research, and community outreach. Through dedicated mentorship, specialized seminars, and immersive hospital experiences, students develop the essential skills and compassion needed to thrive in the dynamic field of healthcare.

    Key takeaways and moving forward

    Now that you’re familiar with the top 15 BS/MD programs in the country, it’s important to understand that securing a spot in these elite programs is immensely competitive. Applicants must showcase stellar academic achievements, a genuine passion for medicine, leadership abilities, and a strong commitment to service. Additionally, meaningful clinical experience, involvement in research projects, and active participation in community service are crucial components of a successful application. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about developing a personalized application strategy to apply to some of the best BS/MD programs in the country, we encourage you to reach out to our team of admissions experts. Good luck to all the future BS/MD applicants out there!

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