Admissions To Become More Competitive As Applications Rise

The number of college admissions applications has been steadily rising for the last few years, meaning students should work towards making their applications stand out among a more competitive admissions pool.

Why the rise in applications?

The Common App has reported that in the 2019 and 2021 academic years, the number of applications submitted went up by just over 21 percent. 

There are a number of factors pointing to this trend, including new test-optional policies and recruitment efforts for students of color and first-generation students. Many of these changes were responses to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student applications, but now it seems that addressing these barriers will have a lasting effect on the admissions process. 

What does this mean for future applicants?

An increased number of applications means students will be fighting among more applicants, especially for the limited number of seats at highly selective colleges and universities. 

Students can prepare for this by strategizing to make sure their applications can stand out as much as possible in front of an admissions committee. Some ways to help ensure your application gets noticed are:

  • Applying early

    Make sure colleges know you’re committed to their school by considering an Early Action or Early Decision application. It shows a heightened interest in the school and can increase your chances of getting admitted.

  • Committing to extracurriculars

    Your extracurriculars are an important part of your college application as it is one of the few parts of your application where you can demonstrate your personality and interests outside of the classroom. In a sea of applicants, it’s important now more than ever to choose the right extracurriculars that will help you stand out.

  • Put the extra effort into your essays

    Like your extracurriculars, your college application essays are one of the few places in your application to leave an impression on the admissions committee. Take the time to make sure your personal statement and supplemental essays are meaningful and authentic.

  • Explore your options

    As the competitiveness of college admissions continues to increase, it’s wise to keep as many options available as possible. It’s important to diversify the colleges you apply to by crafting a list of dream, target, and safety schools to apply to and narrowing down the right fit for you.

Our forecast: 🙃😅

College admissions will likely be more competitive this year as the number of applicants continues to increase. The best way to stay ahead of the game is to take the extra steps to make sure your application can stand out amongst more applicants.

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