40+ Colleges That Don’t Require Supplemental Essays

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    College applications require a lot of hard work and dedication. At times, it can feel difficult to stay organized during the application process. Especially if you have a sizable college list. Between writing a successful college essay and chronicling your various extracurricular activities, there are a lot of application sections to focus on. And that doesn’t even take supplemental essays into account! 

    Knowing how to find the right college for you often requires a lot of research. That said, referring to a list of colleges without supplemental essays can be a great way to add to your college list. Especially if you don’t have time to write more essays. Ultimately, this is why having a list of colleges with no supplemental essays can be such a helpful tool. 

    In this article, we review over 40 colleges that don’t require supplemental essays. Again, these colleges can serve as great last-minute additions to your college list!

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    Northeast: colleges without supplemental essays

    Let’s take a look at some of the best colleges without supplemental essays. As you go through this list, research the universities without supplemental essays that most stand out to you. And remember, there are lots of top colleges without supplemental essays!

    College name


    Undergraduate population

    Tuition and fees

    College website

    Colby College

    Waterville, ME



    college website 

    Connecticut College

    New London, CT



    college website 

    Drexel University

    Philadelphia, PA



    college website 

    Fairleigh Dickinson University

    Teaneck, NJ



    college website 

    Fordham University

    New York, NY



    college website 

    Middlebury College

    Middlebury, VT



    college website 

    Muhlenberg College

    Allentown, PA



    college website 

    New Jersey Institute of Technology

    Newark, NJ



    college website 

    Northeastern University

    Boston, MA



    college website 

    SUNY Binghamton University

    Binghamton, NY


    $10,390 (in-state)

    $28,230 (out-of-state)

    college website 

    SUNY Buffalo

    Buffalo, NY


    $10,856 (in-state)

    $28,776 (out-of-state)

    college website 

    Seton Hall University

    South Orange, NJ



    college website 

    Siena College

    Loudonville, NY



    college website 

    Skidmore College

    Saratoga Springs, NY



    college website 

    Stevens Institute of Technology

    Hoboken, NJ



    college website 

    Stony Brook University

    Stony Brook, NY


    $10,556 (in-state)

    $28,476 (out-of-state)

    college website 

    University of Connecticut

    Storrs, CT


    $19,434 (in-state)

    $42,102 (out-of-state)

    college website 

    University of New Hampshire

    Durham, NH


    $19,024 (in-state)

    $37,934 (out-of-state)

    college website 

    University of Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh, PA


    $19,760 (in-state)

    $36,000 (out-of-state)

    college website 

    University of Vermont

    Burlington, VT


    $18,890 (in-state)

    $43,890 (out-of-state)

    college website 

    Wesleyan University

    Middletown, CT



    college website 

    Midwest: colleges without supplemental essays

    Alternatively, if you’re interested in attending college in the midwest and are still wondering what colleges don’t require supplemental essays? consider some of these competitive colleges without supplemental essays.

    College name


    Undergraduate population

    Tuition and fees

    College website

    Albion College

    Albion, MI



    college website

    Case Western University

    Cleveland, OH



    college website 

    DePaul University

    Chicago, IL



    college website

    DePauw University

    Greencastle, IN



    college website

    Grinnell College

    Grinnell, IA



    college website

    Kent State

    Kent, OH


    $12,464 (in-state)

    $21,570 (out-of-state)

    college website 

    Kenyon College

    Gambier, OH



    college website 

    Ohio State University

    Columbus, OH


    $11,936 (in-state)

    $35,019 (out-of-state)

    college website

    University of Colorado-Denver

    Denver, CO


    $11,800 (in-state)

    $33,460 (out-of-state)

    college website

    University of Dayton

    Dayton, OH



    college website

    University of Denver

    Denver, CO



    college website 

    University of Minnesota

    Minneapolis, MN


    $15,859 (in-state)

    $35,099 (out-of-state)

    college website

    University of Iowa

    Iowa City, IA


    $9,942 (in-state)

    $31,904 (out-of-state)

    college website

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    Lincoln, NE


    $9,854 (in-state)

    $26,984 (out-of-state)

    college website

    University of St. Thomas

    St. Paul, MN



    college website 

    South: colleges without supplemental essays

    Still wondering what colleges don’t have supplemental essays? Take a look at some of these good colleges without supplemental essays located in the south. 

    College name


    Undergraduate population

    Tuition and fees

    College website

    Clemson University

    Clemson, SC


    $15,558 (in-state)

    $39,502 (out-of-state)

    college website 

    Dillard University

    New Orleans, LA



    college website 

    New College of Florida

    Sarasota, FL


    $6,916 (in-state)

    $29,944 (out-of-state)

    college website 

    Spelman College

    Atlanta, GA



    college website 

    Sewanee: The University of the South

    Sewanee, TN



    college website 

    University of Alabama

    Tuscaloosa, AL


    $23,920 (in-state)

    $43,370 (out-of-state)

    college website

    University of Arkansas

    Fayetteville, AR


    $9,656 (in-state)

    $27,410 (out-of-state)

    college website 

    University of Delaware

    Newark, DE


    $15,410 (in-state)

    $37,930 (out-of-state)

    college website 

    Deciding on your list of colleges

    As you assemble your college list, you’ll likely want to research the differences between colleges and universities. You’ll also want to consider questions such as: Do you prefer urban or rural settings? Smaller or larger classes? etc. During your initial college research, you might also want to consider some of the ​​top public universities in the West, as well as liberal arts colleges in the East

    Ultimately, you’ll come up with a list of preferences, as well as other criteria, that will help you decide which colleges you want to apply to. It’s important to use these same standards when deciding which colleges without supplements you should add to your college list. In other words, although it may be easier to apply to schools that don’t require supplemental essays, you should always research each college thoroughly before choosing to apply. 

    Key takeaways and moving forward

    Colleges without supplemental requirements can make excellent additions to your college list. In fact, purposefully selecting several colleges without supplemental essays can help you save time and stay organized during the college application process. After all, it takes a lot of work to put together a strong college application. Writing your personal statement, asking for letters of recommendation, preparing scholarship essays, and continuing to engage in your extracurricular activities are all incredibly time-consuming. That said, if you feel like you could benefit from professional guidance while you work on your college applications, reach out to learn more about our services.

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