There are plenty of articles on how to prepare for the SAT and ACT, many of which include various tips for taking the SAT in 2022 and explanations of colleges’ test-optional policies. In this article, however, we will focus on how to prepare for a test the night before.

Mostly, these test day tips involve planning ahead, receiving quality sleep, and eating nutritious meals leading up to your exam. If you are preparing to take the SATs or ACTs, read on for helpful tips and tricks concerning how to prepare for the SAT exam at home, both the night before and the morning of the exam. 

Find reliable transportation

Make sure you have a reliable method of transportation to get to your test site. This is key to arriving at your exam feeling calm. You don’t want to have to worry about logistics on the day of your exam. Stress could negatively impact your test-taking abilities. So do yourself a favor and plan ahead!

Familiarize yourself with the testing site location

Limit potential day-of stress by knowing exactly how to get to your testing site as well as where, specifically, the test is being held in the building. You may also want to familiarize yourself with parking, especially if you are driving yourself to the testing site. 

Depending on your comfort levels, you may even want to drive to the testing site sometime during the week before. This will help you know exactly what to expect and to feel comfortable in your surroundings. 

How to prepare the night before your test

Engaging in proper exam day preparation will help you feel more capable and confident on the day of your test. Consider the following SAT and ACT test day preparation tips to boost your confidence (and hopefully your score!).


Eat a good dinner

Eat a healthy dinner the night before your exam. This is one of the most important tips for test preparation, in addition to prioritizing a healthy sleep schedule.  


Pack your bag the night before

Are you wondering: what do I need for SAT test day?

If so, review the following list carefully and make sure you bring the following items as a part of your “sat test day tool kit”:

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Make sure you gather everything you need the night before. Pack your bag and leave it by the door, where you can easily find it in the morning and are least likely to forget it on your way out.


Don’t cram!

Are you wondering how to study for the SAT the day before? 

For better or for worse, you should not be spending much time studying the day before your test. Instead, do a quick review with a few practice questions to warm up. Then put away your notes and SAT prep book. 


Go to bed early

Limit screen time the hour before bed and go to bed early. Do everything you can to ensure you receive a good night’s sleep before your exam. 

The key to doing well on your exam is to follow an SAT study plan and schedule in the months leading up to your exam and to prioritize your sleep the night before the exam. 

How to prepare the morning of your test

Now, let’s take a look at some SAT day of test tips, i.e. what to do on test day. Consider the following SAT day tips to help you feel prepared. 


Wake up early

Prioritize waking up early so that you can complete your morning routine leisurely. You want to do your best to limit any stress on the day of your exam. This involves giving yourself enough time to do everything you need to do in the morning before leaving the house. 


Eat a healthy breakfast

Concentrating can be difficult if you’re hungry. The SATs and ACTs are long, involved tests, so chances are, you’ll feel hungry! Eat a healthy breakfast and bring plenty of snacks to help keep yourself focused. 


Arrive to the testing site early

One of the most important tips for SAT test day is to arrive at your testing site early. You want to factor in potential traffic and missed turns, so leave your house with plenty of time to spare. 

Ideally, you want to arrive early so that you can adjust to your surroundings and start your exam feeling confident and calm. 

Key takeaways and additional resources

There are lots of ways to prepare for the SAT and ACT. Following an SAT study plan and schedule will help you work efficiently towards your goals. You may even consider hiring an ACT or SAT tutor, who can help you learn valuable test-taking skills and strategies as well as keep you up-to-date with the latest college admissions trends for 2022

There are lots of study tips, tricks, and strategies, but the most important thing to remember as your test date approaches is to eat and sleep well the night before your exam and to make sure you have reliable transportation and know exactly what is expected of you the day of your exam, including the physical location of your testing site. If you feel like you could benefit from professional college guidance, reach out to learn more about our services.