For many of us, the majority of our days are spent at work. It can be difficult to know how to keep motivated at work, even if we like our jobs, coworkers, and work environment. Going to work, even on a good day, can feel like a chore if we lose our sense of work motivation. There are so many distractions in our daily lives — such as texting, social media, and online shopping. Many of us are addicted to our phones and it can feel impossible for us to know how to stay focused on work. In this article we will discuss how to stay focused and productive at work, despite distractions and a lack of work motivation. Read on for 7 work motivation tips. Learn how to stay motivated at work even when you’re not feeling it by reading these work motivation examples.

7 tips to increase motivation at work

Are you feeling burnt out? Overworked and underappreciated? Perhaps you are easily distractible and can’t focus on your work. Do you ask yourself: Why do I have no motivation to work? There are countless reasons to feel unmotivated at work. Thankfully, there are just as many ways to help increase your work motivation simply by adjusting your daily routines!


Take a scheduled work break

Although perhaps counterintuitive, taking a scheduled break can do wonders for your workplace productivity. Take short breaks periodically in order to give yourself a moment to recharge. Believe it or not, burn out can often be avoided by taking brief, purposeful breaks. Staring at a screen too long can easily zap your work motivation. So can over-extending yourself physically, mentally, or emotionally. Whether your job involves customer service, critical thinking, or manual labor, brief scheduled breaks can be key to maintaining morale and motivation. So give yourself permission to take a moment for yourself. Take a walk to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. Drink some coffee. Chat with your coworkers for a minute. Whatever helps you relieve some tension so you can refocus when you return to work.


Turn off your cell phone

Cell phones can be incredibly distracting, both in and outside of the workplace. It can be so tempting to send a quick text, chuckle to yourself over a meme, scroll through social media, and maybe even click on some of those pesky, though spot-on, targeted ads. It’s difficult to stay focused when our phones and social media are specifically designed to distract us. So, although it’s not the advice you want to hear, put away your phone while you’re at work! Our work motivation can evaporate under such a constant source of distraction. If you are struggling to remain focused and on task, put your phone on silent and keep it in your bag or desk. Challenge yourself to only check it during breaks. This is key to learning how to stay motivated to work.


Keep your workspace clean and organized

Our physical surroundings can have a huge influence on our mental sense of well-being. If your workspace is messy and disorganized, you may have a hard time focusing. By keeping things orderly, you will increase your overall efficiency and be able to avoid frustration. It may even be worth designing your workspace so it feels calming and inspiring. By adding a few personal touches, such as a picture frame, a plant, or a favorite coffee mug, you may feel more comfortable and at ease. If you are someone who likes work motivational quotes, you might consider hanging some work motivational posters.

how to stay motivated at work

Set manageable goals for your work day

Large tasks can feel overwhelming. Set manageable goals for yourself each work day. A good way to do this is to break large tasks into several smaller tasks. This will help you stay organized and will increase your overall sense of morale. Crossing off items on a to-do list can feel incredibly satisfying. Give yourself the opportunity to accomplish small tasks and have this small, but powerful moment of satisfaction. If you consistently set manageable goals for yourself each workday and can consistently meet them, you will feel more satisfied and productive. 


Prioritize and practice time management

No one can do everything at once. This is why it is important to prioritize. Ask yourself each day, what do I need to do today? What would be good to work on if I have extra time? If you are in a leadership position, it is important to learn how to delegate effectively. Do your best to meet deadlines, and if you don’t have any deadlines, make some for yourself. It can be difficult to practice effective time management strategies if you don’t have deadlines, so give yourself some, even if they feel arbitrary. This will help motivate you to stay organized and on task. Make to-do lists and calendars. Get yourself a day planner if it feels helpful.


Use a reward system at work

Positive reinforcement and a reward system can do wonders for workplace morale and motivation. There are lots of ways you can incorporate a reward system at work. Maybe you can organize a weekly potluck lunch where everyone brings a favorite dish to share. Or institute pizza Fridays. Maybe you can get out of work early on Friday if everyone finishes their tasks. There are countless ways to boost morale in the workplace. This tip is especially important if you are trying to figure out how to stay positive at work when someone is negative. Brainstorm with your coworkers about what this might look like for you and your workplace: A staff outing? Deserts? Giftcards? Bragging rights? Casual dress Friday? The possibilities are endless!


Find a role model at work

It’s important to have people to look up to in our lives. It gives us a sense of purpose and direction. Role models and mentors can give us valued advice and help us brainstorm and actively reflect on our choices and behaviors. They can inspire us to change and grow. Finding a workplace role model or mentor can help us find meaning in the workplace and form goals for our professional development. If you are having a difficult time finding a work mentor, reach out to learn more about our career counseling services.

Key takeaways

It’s okay if you are having a hard time staying motivated and focused at work. Our modern world is full of distractions that, quite frankly, are meant to distract you. Feeling unmotivated doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t like your job, your boss, or your coworkers, it simply means you need to switch up your 

how to stay motivated to work

routine a bit. The 7 tips discussed above will help you readjust your workday routines, so you can feel more focused during the day and ultimately, more motivated at work. There are lots of work motivation articles out there to help you get back on track! If, however, you don’t like your job, it might be time to start thinking about finding a new career and preparing a cover letter when transitioning to a new career. While the 7 tips discussed can do wonders to your daily work routines, sometimes a new career can be key to increase your workplace satisfaction and motivation. Take time to reflect on this article and try out some of the tips to help you figure out your next step.