Ever since Covid-19 struck, our world has been upside down. After two years of all the college campuses being closed, they are finally making their comeback. Slowly, but surely, college campuses are going to allow outsider visitors. 

It is important to make your rounds to visit each college that you are looking to attend. This is an important part of your college admissions application process because you may not end up liking the college atmosphere, campus, or campus culture. You may even end up liking a different college campus more than you were originally anticipating, so it’s important to visit these campuses before applying or accepting an offer letter.

We’re going to run you through a list of colleges and their guidelines for reopening on-site visitation. Keep in mind that not all colleges are reopening for visits, so be sure to read the list closely.

Colleges Reopening for On-Campus Visits

The list you are about to read is in alphabetical order and also doesn’t list all of the colleges that are reopening. If you don’t see your desired college on this list, feel free to conduct your own research and look up if the college of your choice is hosting on-site visits again.

How to Make the Most Out of On-Campus Visits​

The next thing to consider once you find out which colleges are open for visitation is how to make the most out of your trip. It’s important that all of your questions are answered throughout your tour. Let’s run through a few notes to remember while you are visiting colleges.

Come Prepared

It would be a shame for you to be distracted from the college tour because you are hungry or thirsty. It’s important to give the college tour your undivided attention. Before you go on your trip, plan out everything that you need to bring on the tour rather than packing everything at the last second. Remember that you will also be walking a fair amount, so wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Bring your water bottle, snacks, and a notebook so you can write notes about the campus. A way to determine your preferred college would be to write down the pros and cons of each campus and review them at the end of your college tours.

Have Your Questions Ready

Another thing to have prepared before your college tour is all of the questions you need to have answered to ensure this college is the one for you. Learn more about the college you want to attend, the location of certain study rooms/classes, how the campus lifestyle is, and how it can support you. 

Follow Safety Protocols

Reminder that colleges are slowly reopening due to covid-19 restrictions. Many colleges have their own safety guidelines in place, including submitting a negative COVID-19 test, proof of vaccination, and/or completing a health screening. Make sure you adhere to these guidelines so that you can safely enjoy the campus and make the most of your touring experience. Happy touring!

What If Your College Isn’t Open For On-Campus Visits

There’s no need to worry if your dream college isn’t open for on-site campuses. There are alternative solutions out there for you. Even since the pandemic, having to readjust and adapt to new solutions virtually for new college students isn’t a new thing. Let’s go over some alternative solutions for you.  

Sign-Up For Virtual Information Session

One of the first options that you can endure is to sign up for a virtual information session. Typically this is led by an admissions officer or the Dean of Admissions. The exact topics that are covered are essay writing, the admissions process, financial aid, extracurricular activities, and the campus lifestyle. There will also be a time for you to present any additional questions you might have. This is the perfect opportunity to read the list of questions you have already prepared if they were not already answered.  

Do Your Own Research

If you are unsure of alternative solutions in finding the answers to your questions, do your own research. Each college should have a fairly up-to-date website as well as a social media platform. Make sure to pay close attention to all those different mediums and find out everything you need to know. There are also phone numbers accessible to potential college students which means you’ll be able to talk to the administration office. They should have the answers to your questions. 

Sign-Up For Virtual Tours

Lastly, since the pandemic, virtual tours have been the new wave of visiting your potential college. They’ll give you the option to schedule a virtual tour which oftentimes is student-led. Most virtual tours can take up to an hour to provide you with a true walkthrough of the campus and its buildings. If the tour is live, the same rules apply as above, stay prepared. If there are certain questions that you are looking to find answers to, ask them. Happy college touring!   

Key Takeaways For College Tours

If you are planning on attending on-campus or virtual tours, make sure to ensure a campus visit is scheduled. This is a vital part of the college admissions process. This determines where you end up living for the next few years of your life. Ensure it is the right decision for you.

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