If you’re starting to think about college applications or have been putting them off for far too long (we promise we won’t judge), you’re probably wondering where to start. You might be trying to figure out which major you want to pursue. After all, there are so many majors to consider — we don’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed. 

Remember that compatibility and passion are important factors to take into account; in order to successfully assess potential majors, it’s crucial that you take a personality assessment. You’ll get to know yourself — and the descriptions will resonate more than you can imagine. 

Personality assessments provide insights as you’re getting to know yourself. Based on your responses, you will learn about your strengths, your tendencies, your weaknesses, and even ideal career paths, which will, of course, help you narrow down majors. Be sure to answer thoughtfully while following your instincts. 

Where can I take a personality test?

The free versions of these tests should suffice. 16Personalities is a popular option, created by professionals who have performed extensive studies on personality types and the way in which a personality determines the way people do things in certain ways.

How should you use a personality assessment?

Personality assessments will enable you to get to know parts of yourself you might not be aware of, allowing you to pave your own path. Don’t let the results define you, but do use the results as a form of reflection as you fill out the dreaded “Major” section. 

Picking out a major does not have to be a stressor in your life (especially because you can change your major once accepted — and you will still gain valuable skills, whether you end up working in a career related to the major or not). 

This assessment asks you a series of questions, to which you answer whether you agree, disagree, or feel neutral about the topic. Set aside time and do your best to complete the test in one sitting, as it should take approximately 10 minutes.

What information will the results touch upon?

The results will list your traits, breaking down the estimated percentage in which these traits potentially resonate with you and how they might help shape your future. 

16Personalities will as referred, assign you one of 16 personas. There are four categories — Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels, and Explorers — and four specific personality types under each category. 

What will a personality test tell me about myself?

Like any test, the results of a personality test should not be the end-all, be-all of your life decisions, but it will give you an indication of the type of person you are, the areas you need to work on, and the careers you might benefit from.


Results will include information on: 

1) strengths and weaknesses;

2) romantic relationships;

3) friendships;

4) parenthood;

5) career paths;

6) and workplace habits. 


The strengths and weaknesses section will be useful in determining your major as well as identifying areas that you must actively work on. If you look closely at the career paths section, it will list jobs within various industries, giving you a broad look as you envision your future.

How might a personality test keep me from making mistakes?

Even if you have a specific industry in mind, a personality test can deter you from making a mistake in the type of positions you apply for within that sector. You might have certain traits for your dream job, but maybe there’s a job in the same industry (or an entirely different one) that you hadn’t even considered. The results will give you an overview and will ideally clear your doubts.

Take Michael, a college senior with a passion for investing; he studied finance, is very much an extrovert, and wants to try his hand at financial advising, since this role benefits from regular networking. What he might find, though, is that there are major pitfalls, because he is also very energetic. His result? ENFP-A / ENFP-T (Campaigner), which falls under the ‘Diplomats’ category.

His personality type is not great at sitting at a desk for extended periods of time, which is necessary for financial advisors who must be keeping up with the markets, regularly reading up on news that changes by the day, hour, and even minute. Eventually, Michael might be able to hire employees to brief him through daily reports, which would decrease time spent at a desk, but getting there might be more trouble than it is worth. 

Taking this test before applying to job openings might show Michael that he would likely succeed as a real estate agent, opening his mind to careers that are compatible with both his personality and interests before he struggles unnecessarily or ultimately fails in a career that doesn’t truly fit. 

What is the takeaway from taking a personality assessment?

Mistakes teach you valuable lessons, so embrace them, but when it comes to picking majors that you’re compatible with, do your best to minimize mistakes. Personality assessments will help you strike that balance, find a job that you like, and perform with ease. 

This combination will make challenges easier to overcome because you will have a purpose. After all, any career path that you choose will present challenges, which promote growth, but if they are compatible with your personality type and you have a strong interest, you will always tackle those challenges head-on. 

They do say that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life – so why not make your own life easier through resources designed to help?