10 Summer Activities That Look Good On College Applications

As you plan your coursework and extra time for the rest of high school, you are probably what looks good on college applications. Colleges want students who are able to balance their academics and other responsibilities. Summer work and volunteering always look good on applications, as they demonstrate character and maturity.

However, all things that look good on college applications do not always work. Pursuing your interests and hobbies can help your resume or make writing your application easier.

If you want to stand out on college applications, you can try to push yourself in the areas that interest you. Being involved in an extracurricular activity for your hobby carries an extra level of commitment and responsibility, especially if you are in a leadership position. So, even though you should be thinking about how to stand out in college applications, this does not require something extraordinary. For example, you do not need to score a dream internship to get accepted. Dedicating time to extracurriculars, your community, and to your job demonstrates character in a way that already makes you a good candidate for admission. 

Are GPA and test scores the only best things to have for college?

GPA and test scores are very important for applications. Basically, if you fall below the average GPA or test score ranges for your college of choice, you need something else in your application to compensate.

However, academics are only one thing to consider of many. Besides the fact that you are capable of handling the school’s academics, GPA and test scores often do not say much about you,. If you want to stand out, you need solid academics along with other activities. Part of being a good student is knowing how to prioritize different responsibilities and manage time, and those are the things that impress colleges. For this reason, having a few B+ or A- with a lot of responsibilities often looks better than a straight-A student without much else.

Summer activities that look good on college applications

You do not need to score a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stand out to admissions officers. Getting into prestigious and selective programs goes a long way, but there are a variety of summer activities that impress colleges. Whatever you do during the summer, making sure it makes sense for you – consider which activities play into your interests.

Take a look at some activities and programs that look good on college applications:

1. Get a summer job.

This is probably the way most students spend their summer, and so there are plenty of opportunities out there. Many students find jobs working at grocery or convenience stores. Summer camps often look for high school-aged staff members. Consider going full-time for the summer so you can make a little extra money. Summer jobs will always prove your work ethic, responsibility, and dedication to admissions officers.

Even in the time of COVID-19, there are still many jobs you can apply for. If you feel comfortable working, many restaurants, fast food, and grocery stores are hiring. In addition, jobs like Amazon, Uber Eats, and Postmates are also looking for people to deliver food as these types of industries are on the rise. If you would like to stay at home as much as possible, consider applying for remote work.