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At Prepory, we provide top-tier resume and cover letter writing services. Our resume writing services help you get noticed by hiring managers, secure the interview, and get hired for the job of your dreams.

How Do Prepory’s Professional Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services Help You Get Hired?

A resume is the most important document new job seekers hold. A poorly written resume severely limits your chances of landing a job interview. As part of Prepory’s larger career coaching program, all clients will undergo a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile overhaul to help them land their dream job. All of our clients have noticed a significant increase in call backs, interview offers, etc. after working with our professional resume-writing services.

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Prepory students are 2.78x more likely to be admitted to a highly selective institution.

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During the initial session, our resume experts will review your current resume. They will assess content, formatting, red flags, and optimization in applicant tracking systems. Resume writers will then ask you a series of questions to understand your work history, document your professional accomplishments, learn about your years of experience and more. This information allows us to get a picture of your work experience and build the perfect resume recruiters are looking for. Then, we begin the writing process.
After the initial meeting, your career coach will use all the information collected to develop a first draft resume within two business days. Our resume writing team will ask any remaining questions about your experience and accomplishments on your existing resume to ensure they have covered all of your experiences and skills. You will have the opportunity to issue feedback and request edits to your rewritten resume as needed.
Our resume writing services are thorough. After reviewing your initial draft, our resume writers will provide a second draft of your resume with requested edits and additional information, all while ensuring your resume moves past applicant tracking systems and into the hands of a human.
Once the resume makeover is finalized, our writers will turn it over to our design team. You’ll receive several resume versions tailored to the industries and types of positions you’re seeking. We’ll provide you with at least two high-quality new resumes: a text-based resume and a design-based resume.

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Tailored College Coaching

There are tons of free resume builder and resume template creators on the Internet, however any readily available resumes means that many people have accessed them. Your free resume template is unlikely to stand out in a sea of similar templates.

Additionally, it is often difficult to sing our own praises. A professional resume writer can identify your most impressive accomplishments and detail them in a way that highlights your unique skillset.

We have found that many clients have grammatical or formatting errors on their resumes. It is often difficult to identify minor mistakes in your own resume. Paying for a resume writing service ensures that a resume expert with years of industry experience will write, edit, and format your resume.

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  • Individualized goal-setting and personality assessments to help identify each student’s strengths and interests
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Please note that a parent or guardian must be on the consultation for high school students.

Please note that a parent or guardian must be on the consultation for high school students.