College Admissions Coaching

for High School Students

College admissions are high stakes. We expertly guide students through the admissions process, making the experience easier, organized, and enabling better outcomes.

How it works

Whether you are applying to an Ivy League university or a public college, a personalized college admissions coach is ready to help you apply and receive admission to the colleges best fit for you.

First, you’re paired with your Prepory college admissions coach based on your academic interests, career aspirations, and time availability.
Then, participate in engaging college advising sessions with your coach from each week to successfully prepare for the college admissions process.
Next, receive access to online workshops, college prep resources, and unlimited essay and resume critiques
Track your progress with our online platform that facilitates communication between students, parents, and coaches to ensure everyone is in the loop.
Join thousands of Prepory students that have earned admission to a top college or university including Harvard, Amherst, Stanford, MIT, Bowdoin, UCLA, Yale, and more.

Our students have earned admissions to these and other top schools

Prepory clients say:

Prepory has helped me enter 3 of the 6 colleges I applied to and improve my writing with helpful commentary. I highly encourage others to use the services Prepory offers.

Mauro Colombo
admitted to Boston University

Prepory really helped me through my college application process and helped me get into my dream school. They reviewed my college essays and I saw a huge improvement in my writing skills.

Valeria Vila
admitted to the University of Florida

Goal setting and personality assessments to determine student’s interests

Extracurricular development and planning

Early college exploration and academic advising

High school course selection support

9th and 10th Grade College Counseling

The college application process begins the first day you enter high school. Through personalized academic advising, extracurricular planning, individualized college admissions support, and engaging with Prepory’s proprietary college admissions curriculum 9th and 10th grade students understand the importance of GPA, extracurricular activities, leadership, and course selection. 

Students are immersed in small group discussions, one-on-one guidance sessions, and can utilize our online College Exploration and Thematic Workshops led by college students attending top universities.

62+ hours of service

Receive over 62 hours of service annually through early college admissions program.

8,000+ students

Over 8,000+ students are enrolled in Prepory college admissions coaching programs.

95% admitted

95% of the students we work with get into one or more of their top 3 college picks.

6:1 ratio

6:1 student to college admissions coach to guarantee an individualized experience.

College Counseling for 11th Grade

11th grade students meet with their college admissions coach weekly to learn about how colleges evaluate future applicants, brainstorm personal statement topics, construct a well-rounded college list, and strategically develop a college application timeline.

video interview

College Admissions Coaching Services for 11th Grade

One-on-one advising sessions

Prepory college admissions coaches help juniors create a high school resume and develop a personalized college list and brainstorm personal statement topics while learning to plan reasonable timelines for college applications.

Unlimited essay and resume revisions

Submit high school resumes, personal statements, scholarship essays, and supplemental essays for unlimited reviews.

Parent check-ins

Stay up to date and and learn about your child’s college admissions progress.

Online College Exploration and Thematic Workshops

Interactively explore colleges and universities all over the U.S., listen to other students, and find out why they love their school.

Small group discussions

11th-grade students participate in bi weekly discussions with their college admissions coach to explore major and career options and partake in leadership opportunity discussions.

Common Application and Coalition Application guidance

Unlimited essay and resume revisions

Unlimited college admissions support

College Counseling for 12th Grade

By 12th grade, students are ready to submit their college applications and receive their acceptance letters. A Prepory college admissions coach will help select colleges to apply to, fine-tune personal statements, select recommendation letter writers, and will help meet all required application deadlines.

College Application Guidance for 12th Grade

Meet with your college admissions coach weekly for individual college advising sessions tailored to your unique application process and concerns.

Engage and participate in admissions related online workshops that provide a preview into some of the nation’s most elite schools.

Parents will receive regular check-ins from Prepory to ensure that students are going from where they are to where they should be.

Receive unlimited feedback on resumes, supplemental essays, and personal statements.

With mock interviews, our college admissions coaches ensure that students make an excellent first impression.

Craft an individualized plan with Prepory and earn admission to your dream schools.

It was your help that got him in! His essays came out amazing! Prepory was always available for Ethan and edited his essays with so much patience. The whole process is so confusing but Prepory took all the stress out of it. You guys are amazing!

Kelly Martin

son admitted to UMichigan, Ross School of Business

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