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About Prepory College Counseling Miami

South Florida is home to a myriad of competitive high schools including Terra Environmental Research Institute, Miami Country Day, Cypress Bay High School, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and many more that are home to high achieving students, well-equipped teachers, and the latest technology to help students succeed. At Prepory, we pride ourselves in delivering comprehensive college admissions counseling to supplement these resources.

As college admissions experts, we recognize the importance of individualized guidance in developing a personalized college plan that will guide each student from extracurricular involvement and course rigor to getting admitted into their dream school. Since 2012, Prepory has delivered world-class college admissions counseling to Florida families primarily in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties to assist students in strategically navigating the admissions process. 


With schools like the University of Florida, University of Miami, and the Florida State University becoming increasingly selective, students across the state of Florida are fiercely competing for limited spots within each school. Through early college preparation and individualized attention from Prepory’s college admissions consultants, students maximize their probability of being admitted to their dream schools. 

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Prepory’s expert college admissions coaches are current college students at the nation’s most selective colleges and universities including Harvard, Brown, UCLA, and Amherst. Our near-peer mentorship program leverages our coaches’ ability to connect with students and prep them for the college admissions process only after extensive training on our proprietary curriculum that breaks down the college admissions process to each week in high school.


According to the National Association for College Admissions Counseling, the student to counselor ratio in Florida is 485:1. With such large caseloads and many other pertinent responsibilities, counselors often do not have the bandwidth to provide each student with the one-on-one guidance necessary to adequately prepare for the college admissions process.

students for every 1 counselor.

Why Prepory?

2X More Chances

Become 2X more likely to be admitted to a top 50 school.

$900K in Scholarships

Last year, Prepory students were awarded over $900K in scholarships to the University of Miami alone.

100% of our clients

100% of our clients say they prefer Prepory’s online courses to their former provider.

90% Admitted

90% of Prepory students are admitted to one or more of their top 3 schools.

Contact a Prepory college admissions expert to start your college success journey.

Our college admissions experts are here to guide you from where you are to where you should be. Through our comprehensive curriculum and individualized coaching, you are set for success as soon as you connect with us.

Local Prepory Clients Say:

"Working with Prepory has been nothing short of amazing. The tools they have shared with our students in combination with the work we as counselors do will help students further their education and continue striving for success. I’m so happy we are all on the same team!"
Michelle Escoto,
school counselor at Pinecrest Preparatory Middle-High
"Without Prepory’s guidance and support, my child wouldn’t have known how to navigate the college application. His coach was always ready to answer my last-minute questions and address any of my concerns. I wouldn’t change a thing about his college application process. Thank you, Prepory!"
Nora Negrin,
son admitted to Yale University

Meet the Prepory Miami College Admissions Coaches

Several members of our leadership team were born and raised in the Greater Miami area and have spent several years as college consultants in Miami. In addition, many of our current college admissions coaches are from the Miami area and used Prepory while in high school to successfully navigate the college admissions process. Check out some of our former Prepory clients turned college admissions advisors to the right.

Our students have earned admissions to these and other top schools

College Counseling Partnerships with Miami High Schools

We’ve partnered with local high schools including Christopher Columbus High School, Pinecrest Preparatory High School, Somerset Academy Charter High School, amongst others to complement the resources offered by each school. Our school partnerships are tailored to benefit each school’s unique populations and needs. 

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