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Atlanta, GA communities of Peachtree Park, Ansley Park, Buckhead, Tuxedo Park, Morningside/Lenox Park, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and Oakdale houses competitive high schools like Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology, Walton High School, DeKalb Schools of the Arts, Lambert High, Northview High School, Chattahoochee High School, Lassiter High School, South Forsyth High School, Alpharetta High School, and McIntosh High School.

The college admissions process has changed drastically over the years and since the COVID-19 pandemic began. With many schools going test-blind and test-optional, many students have the chance to   showcase their other strengths such as passion projects, extracurricular involvement, and leadership skills. The increase in applicants to top institutions since the COVID-19 pandemic has also increased, making the acceptance rate to these schools drop significantly. These changes have made it difficult for families in Atlanta to know their way around the college application.

Prepory’s expert college admissions coaches are current and graduate college students at the most selective colleges and universities in the country. Our expertise in the college admissions space has been recognized by Yahoo! Finance, Discover, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, College Confidential, American Express, and Fortune. Our comprehensive curriculum equips students with the resources, knowledge, and personalized guidance they need to craft a competitive application to top schools like Harvard University, Yale University, Amherst College, University of Florida, University of Chicago, MIT, Caltech, Duke University, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, and UCLA. Our students have also received acceptance letters to high-ranked colleges and universities in Atlanta such as Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Emory University, and renowned HBCUs like Spelman College and Morehouse College. 

Prepory’s college counseling program covers extracurricular involvement planning, leadership development, perfecting their college essays, financial aid support, gathering letters of recommendation, course selection, and more! Our college counseling team is available to guide parents and students residing in Atlanta. 

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