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College admissions is getting more selective each year

The college admissions process is complicated. From financial aid to class selection to summer activities that look best on a college application, there is tons of insider knowledge about the college admissions process. We are here to share that information with you. Our college admissions coaches empower students with the knowledge to build a competitive college application, search for the right colleges that match their goals, and ultimately gain acceptance at the school best suited for them.  No matter what school year you’re in, Prepory can provide the college admissions assistance to reach your dreams in higher education.

How does college admissions assistance work at Prepory?

Prepory utilizes the near-peer mentoring program, which pairs high school students with a college admissions coach who has recently completed the college admissions process. Our college admissions counselors are current college students at the most selective institutions in the country. They undergo extensive training to walk students through the college application process. Sessions will follow a structured curriculum to ensure students understand the most important parts of the college admissions process, however coaches’ personal experiences add an essential, real-world layer.

While it is best to start in the 9th grade, high school students in any school year can begin meeting with a coach to help them strategize and build a competitive application.

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Prepory clients are 2.67x more likely to be admitted to a highly selective institution (or 167.04%)


At Prepory, we’ve helped more than 14,000 students worldwide gain entry to top U.S. colleges and universities.


90% of the students we work with get into one or more of their top 5 college picks.

Our Services

Students in 9th and 10th grade will meet with their coach biweekly to set goals, explore interests and how they relate to college, and determine what opportunities they can leverage to bolster their application. These two years are critical to college admissions process; coaches can use these two foundational years to help set students apart early.

Coaches meet with students weekly in their 11th grade year, largely regarded as the most important and high-pressure year in high school. They will guide students as they move into leadership roles in their extracurricular activities, apply for pre-college programs, and begin to search for the right college for them.

Finally, in their senior year, coaches and students will tackle college applications and FAFSA. Coaches will help students set deadlines, write essays, send SAT/ACT scores and so much more. In the Spring of their senior year, college coaches will discuss what to do after enrollment, how to begin engaging with their school, and how to prepare for the transition between high school and college!
Prepory students and their families have access to a host of free resources, including online workshops. College exploration workshops provide a student perspective on colleges and universities across the country. Students will discuss the culture, classes, and opportunities available at their college. Prepory students have the opportunity to join these interactive workshops and ask any questions they have about the particular university or general college life. In addition to college exploration workshops, students may also attend thematic workshops, which discuss a particular topic of college life. Previous college students have presented on study abroad, intramural sports, and what it is like to major in STEM.
From resumes to personal statements, writing is a large and important part of the college admissions process. However, writing skills take time and practice. To help students identify their writing strengths and weaknesses, Prepory students can submit essays to their coach for revision. Essays do not have to be college-related, however. Students can submit essays for high school classes, scholarships, or essay competitions and their coach will provide extensive feedback for improvement. Students who advance their writing skills earlier on will have a smoother writing and editing process when they must write colleges essays.
Aside from grades, SAT/ACT scores, and high school transcripts, the personal statement is one of the most critical elements of the college application. While other portions of your college application cover your academic skills and scholastic performance, the personal statement helps colleges understand who you are as an individual. Personal statements can make or break a college application. After extensive training with writing experts, Prepory coaches work with students as early as 10th grade to begin developing ideas and drafting their personal statement.
Supplemental essays help a college learn more about an individual student. Often provided alongside a personal statement, supplemental essays allow you to cover topics you didn’t touch on in your personal statement or elsewhere in your application. Many times, supplemental essays will ask why students are applying to their specific college. Prepory college admissions coaches will edit and offer suggestions to answer supplemental questions creatively and effectively.
Your resume highlights the most significant achievements and experiences you gained during your four years in high school. When written correctly, a strong high school resume ensures the admissions committee has all the information they need to decide on your application. Our college admissions counselors are specially trained to write, edit, and improve high school resumes.
College planning is all about self-awareness. Our college admissions counselors pay special attention to students’ interests, passion, and values. They spend time getting to know the students to help recommend colleges and universities that align with the students’ professional and personal goals.

Tailored College Admissions Coaching

Tailored College Coaching

for Students in Turkey

For Turkish students applying to U.S. colleges and universities, the process can be confusing and intimidating. Over the last few years, acceptance rates at U.S. universities have decreased. International student applications have become more competitive, as a result.

At Prepory, our team specializes in helping students from Turkey and other international locations understand U.S. college admissions structure and tailor their applications accordingly. Our skilled, experienced college admissions coaches have the resources and tools needed to help you meet admissions requirements and earn a spot at the top U.S. college or university of your choice.

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  • Individualized goal-setting and personality assessments to help identify each student’s strengths and interests
  • Planning and development assistance for extracurricular activities that help ensure admittance to a top U.S. school
  • Early college exploration and academic advising services
  • Course selection support and advising for high school students
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