If you’re looking for a new career path or are planning a career transition, you need a team that can offer the clarity, direction, and guidance you need to make a smart decision.

That’s where Prepory comes in.

Our career counseling program in Miami, Florida program Sprout helps clients reach their career goals. Whether you’re seeking a new career or a recently moved to the Miami area, we’re here to act as your skilled, specialized advisor.

Why You Need A Career Counselor In Miami

According to Forbes, Florida is the 7th most competitive job market in the country. And for a host of good reasons: Florida is filled with qualified applicants who flock to the state for its pleasant weather, beautiful beaches, and friendly people.

Miami, specifically, is notorious for its cutthroat job market with 11 jobs for every 1,000 citizens of Miami-Dade. Compounded with a higher cost of living and dozens of recent graduates from the two universities in the area, industries in Miami have their pick for employees.

Our career counseling in Miami supports you during the long yet rewarding journey that leads to a high-paying, fulfilling career.

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How the Prepory’s

Process Works

Sprout believes in taking a tailored approach to help you land the job of your dreams. We’re here to help you through every step of the job search process – before, during, and after you land the job.
Don’t navigate your job search alone – contact our team to start building your tailored career counseling program right here in Miami.

We want you to feel supported on a one-on-one basis from the first day you begin working with us. We begin every session learning about you and your goals. We create an action plan based on your specific career goals. You will discuss positions, companies, and opportunities that match your skillset and passions. We tailor every moment of your program to that plan. Our goal is to find the best career for you!

Your years of experience, background, and skills make you a strong candidate. Your career coach will use your background to source the best job openings from your preferred companies and help you apply to each one. Whether you’re applying to a world-famous company like Google or a smaller firm in the Miami area, we’ll conduct mock interviews for each interview you land to help you strengthen your skills. We also provide tailored company research “cheat sheets” to ensure you’re ready for the big day.

Our marketing team will also work with you to dissect your social media presence, including your LinkedIn profile, to help you make a stunning first impression. If your social media profiles need a facelift, your career coach will help you curate a strong online presence.

Your Miami career advisor help you ace your initial interview, guide you on follow up strategies, successfully negotiate your ideal compensation package, and claim the job of your dreams.

At Prepory, we know that finding a great job doesn’t end with a job offer. That’s why we provide unlimited support and career resources, including salary and benefits negotiation for six months after you bring us on board.

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  • Individualized goal-setting and personality assessments to help identify each student’s strengths and interests
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  • Early college exploration and academic advising services
  • Course selection support and advising for high school students