Career Coaching Miami

If you’re looking for a new career, you need a team that can offer the clarity, direction, and guidance you need to make a smart decision. 

That’s where Prepory comes in. 

Our specialized career coaches are dedicated to helping our clients reach their career goals and pivot intelligently. Whether you’re seeking a new career or looking to change your direction, we’re here to act as your skilled, specialized advocate and to ensure that you’re navigating your job search as strategically as possible. 

Florida: a competitive job market

According to Forbes, Florida is the 7th most competitive job market in the country. And for a host of good reasons: Florida is filled with qualified applicants who flock to the state for its pleasant weather, beautiful beaches, and friendly people. Miami, specifically, is known for its high standard of living and a plethora of in-demand employers. 

When you’re ready to step into a meaningful career, our team will be there to guide you through the obstacles. From helping you tailor your resume to providing the feedback you need to craft a winning cover letter, we’re here for you every step of the way. 

Prepory's primary goal

Prepory’s primary goal is your growth. We want to help our clients achieve their goals and stretch themselves to their full potential. To put it another way, we help you go from where you are to where you should be. 

Our career coaching program, Sprout, is an end-to-end career counseling initiative that works to guide job-seekers through every phase of the job search process. Here are a few of the services you’ll enjoy in this proprietary program:

Resume drafting and extensive feedback that guarantees a competitive edge

Tailored cover letter guidance

Deep dive into each company you interview for

Company-specific mock interviews

How Prepory works

Sprout believes in taking a tailored approach to help you land the job of your dreams. We’re here to help you during every step of the job search process – before, during, and after you land the job.

Don’t navigate your job search alone – contact our team to start building your tailored program now.

Create a customized schedule.
We want you to feel supported on a one-on-one basis from the first day you begin working with us. Your dedicated coach will work to source openings and interviews from your preferred companies.
Capitalize on your strengths.
Your experience, background, and skills make you a strong candidate. Whether you’re applying to a world-famous company like Google or a local firm, we’ll conduct mock interviews to help you strengthen your skills and provide tailored company research to ensure you’re ready for the big day.
Market your skills.
Our marketing team will also work with you to dissect your social media presence, including your LinkedIn profile, to help you make a stunning first impression. Our expert team makes it easy to ace your initial interview, successfully negotiate your ideal compensation package, and claim the job of your dreams.
Offer unlimited support.
At Prepory, we know that finding a great job doesn’t end with the interview. That’s why we provide unlimited support and career resources for six months after you bring us on board.

Comprehensive career assistance designed for you

No two job seekers are the same, which is why no two career counseling offerings should be either. At Prepory, we pride ourselves on our highly personalized career coaching services. When you work with us, we meet you where you are as an individual. We’ll discuss your skills, work experience, and interests to ensure that we’re helping you target the job of your dreams.

From there, we’ll work collaboratively with you to create a realistic, achievable professional trajectory to get you where you need to be. We’ll also provide a SWOT Analysis or aptitude assessment to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and identify your ideal industry.

Regardless of where you are in your job search process, we’ll always work closely with you to edit, rewrite, and design your resume and cover letters for maximum effect.

Mock interviews help you improve your interview skills

One of the most challenging parts of any job search is the initial interview. In addition to being intimidating, there’s no one-size-fits-all standard for the interview, which can make it challenging to prepare. When you work with Prepory, though, our team takes care of that concern. 

Specifically, we provide mock interviews to help you get ready for the big day in a safe environment, with the support of your career coach. During these mock interviews, we’ll offer feedback and strategies to help you improve your interview skills and help prepare for the big day. We’ll also workshop your skills – fixing things like verbal tics and helping you craft answers that will blow the hiring manager away. 

To help you improve your interview skills even more, we provide each of our clients with recordings of their mock interviews. This means you can watch yourself and develop an objective understanding of how you interview right now, and where you could stand to improve. While our coaches will be there to help you strengthen your interview skills, our clients find these recordings helpful and informative. 

Additionally, we research the company you’re applying to. Before you ever sit down in the initial interview, we’ll provide a comprehensive document tailored to the company you’re applying to. This ultra-specific content outlines the company’s interview process, how you can best respond to interview questions, and what parts of the experience you should discuss with your hiring manager to impress the team. 

If possible, we’ll also research the person interviewing you, so you’re as prepared as possible for your upcoming interview. Finally, we’ll help you prepare for company-specific interviews to ensure you’re ready to speak with the hiring manager. 

Let our team of experienced coaches help you advance your career.

Prepory: your one-stop shop for career coaching in Miami

If you’re ready to relocate for the perfect job, Prepory is here to help. Specializing in tailored career coaching services, we work with you to help you make the right impression. Thanks to our coaching services, our clients have landed positions at The City of Miami Beach, WOWMKTG, CropOne, McKinsey&Company, Goldman Sachs, and more.

From conducting mock interviews to working with you to craft a professional resume and cover letter, our team is here to guide you through every step of the job search process and secure a position at the company that’s the right fit for you.  

Don’t struggle through the process of finding a career on your own. Prepory is here to guide you every step of the way. 

Ready to learn more about our Sprout career coaching program or how it can help you? Contact us today to learn more or to begin your Miami job search right now.