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    On behalf of all of Prepory, congratulations to the class of 2024! 

    This was a chaotic year for college admissions in America. This is the first admissions cycle since the ruling on affirmative action, the SAT became digital, and schools began to rescind test-optional admissions policies. Still, Prepory students did particularly well. While we gather and analyze our students’ recent data, we are proud to share that Prepory students have been accepted to every top college and university¹ in the country.

    Our data from this year’s Early Action and Early Decision applicants indicates that Prepory students are over 147.11% more likely to be admitted to highly selective institutions² than other applicants. An initial review of our students’ Regular Decision results suggests that their probability of admission through RD will be even more pronounced.

    We are aware of the emotional and sometimes perplexing nature of college admissions. For the many students around the world grappling with dismay, keep this message close: what matters is the effort you’ve made to come so far. You excelled in 9th grade while a global pandemic changed the world as we knew it. You led extracurricular activities that influenced your community. You poured hours into writing essays that told your stories authentically. You found yourself through an arduous yet beautiful application process. 

    Whether you’re on cloud 9 or breaking up with r/ApplyingToCollege, reflect on what you’ve accomplished and be proud of yourself. We are too. In the words of the great American philosopher Taylor Swift, “Everything you lose is a step you take… take the moment and taste it. You’ve got no reason to be afraid…you can face this.”

    To the students, families, and institutional partners who have trusted Prepory with guiding you through the college admissions process: thank you! We wish you every success. Our team is eager to nurture and celebrate your continued achievements in the many years ahead. 


    Daniel E. Santos

    ¹We define these as the Top 20 national universities and top 5 Liberal Arts Colleges as ranked by US News and World Report.

    ²We define highly selective institutions as colleges and universities with an acceptance rate of less than 20%.

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