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What’s to come when you apply as a STEM or Computer Science major?

Whether you were building Lego cities as a child or conducting experiments for the school science fair, we understand how your passions for STEM are deeply rooted. Attending a top STEM school can help put you on the right path toward turning your passions for STEM and Computer Science into a career. Our college admissions coaches are here to help you achieve your dreams and attend a top STEM university to achieve your goals.

Acceptance rate for Engineering
Our students had a 24% acceptance rate in engineering at highly selective institutions.
Acceptance rate for Computer Science

Our students had a 17% acceptance rate in Computer Science at highly selective institutions.

Acceptance rate for other STEM

Our students had a 27% acceptance rate in other STEM majors at highly selective institutions.

How to stand out in the STEM and Computer Science applicant pool

STEM curriculums tend to be very rigorous. Show admissions committees that you’re prepared for a challenging STEM filled course load by taking high-level math and science classes. Including AP courses in these subjects and performing above the average can also set you apart.

Take your knowledge outside of the classroom by partaking in extracurriculars that show your passion for STEM. Join the robotics team, enter math and science competitions, participate in research studies, or find a STEM summer program. Our college admissions counselors are here to help guide you through the entire college application process, including how to be intentional with your choice of extracurriculars.

Developing a passion project that involves your desire to grow in the field of STEM shows your initiative and dedication to the field. Tutor younger kids in math and science subjects or be the founder of a new STEM club at your high school. 

Tell the narrative of how your passion for STEM and Computer Science grew to be what it is today. With our Unlimited Essay Editing service, we’ll help you show college admissions officers a more personal side to your application and express your deep interest in their STEM program through your personal statement essay.

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Submit an unlimited number of essays, writing pieces, and resumes for comprehensive feedback from our team of Writing Specialists.

Be prepared ahead of any college admissions interviews. Our coaches will help strengthen your interview presence through mock sessions and build your confidence.

  • Spring Profile Review (SPR)
    • During the spring of junior year, Prepory students are invited to our Spring Profile Review.
    • SPR gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their writing skills and present an extracurricular profile, college list, unofficial transcript, and other application materials to a team of admissions professionals to critique before the real deadlines in the fall.
  • Committee Review (CR)
    • In the fall of senior year, before early and regular application deadlines, Prepory students are invited to submit their entire college application to be analyzed, nit-picked, and commented on by a team of our most seasoned College Admissions Coaches, our Lead Coaches, Writing Specialists, Program Director, Program Coordinator, and Client Success Manager. This team includes former admissions officers from Harvard, Cornell, UPenn, Purdue, Duke, Washington University in St. Louis, UCLA, and UC Berkeley and boasts over 100+ years of collective experience in college admissions.
    • Our team will analyze up to eleven (11) of each of our students applications total: five (5) of your applications for the early cycle, five (5) for the regular cycle, and your one (1) UC application if you’re applying to the University of California system.

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Please note that a parent or guardian must be on the consultation for high school students.

Please note that a parent or guardian must be on the consultation for high school students.