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What’s to come when you apply to an undergraduate business program?

Whether your goal is to start your own business from the ground up or to work your way up the corporate ladder, a business degree will open the door to an abundance of opportunities. Attending an elite business school at a top university will help to put you on the right path to success to achieve these goals. Our college counselors are here to provide you with ongoing guidance and support throughout the entire college application process to maximize your accomplishments.

How to make your application stand out as a business student

Are you interested in finance, accounting, or entrepreneurship? The field of business is extremely vast. Narrowing down your interest and choosing a robust business program that caters to your interests is significant. Our college coaches will not only help you tailor your college application to each specific business program but also help you find a university that fits your wants and needs.
As an aspiring business professional, good leadership is an extremely important skill to acquire early on. It’s also an important quality that admissions committees are looking for in a business applicant. Show off your leadership skills by running for student government, starting a new club, tutoring younger students, or being captain of your sports team.

Take a business lens approach to your extracurricular activities. Shadow a professional in a business field that interests you, enter an entrepreneurship competition, open an Etsy shop, manage the finances of your student government, or participate in a summer internship program. Gaining real-world experience in the business world will not only stand out on your application but help prepare you for your college courses.

Some universities will require supplemental materials in the form of a portfolio, case study, or additional essays when applying to their business program. These additional assets are a chance for you to share more insight into your passion for business as well as your long-term career goals. With the help of our expert college admissions counselors, we’ll assist you every step of the way in crafting a stand-out application.

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  • Spring Profile Review (SPR)
    • During the spring of junior year, Prepory students are invited to our Spring Profile Review.
    • SPR gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their writing skills and present an extracurricular profile, college list, unofficial transcript, and other application materials to a team of admissions professionals to critique before the real deadlines in the fall.
  • Committee Review (CR)
    • In the fall of senior year, before early and regular application deadlines, Prepory students are invited to submit their entire college application to be analyzed, nit-picked, and commented on by a team of our most seasoned College Admissions Coaches, our Lead Coaches, Writing Specialists, Program Director, Program Coordinator, and Client Success Manager. This team includes former admissions officers from Harvard, Cornell, UPenn, Purdue, Duke, Washington University in St. Louis, UCLA, and UC Berkeley and boasts over 100+ years of collective experience in college admissions.
    • Our team will analyze up to eleven (11) of each of our students applications total: five (5) of your applications for the early cycle, five (5) for the regular cycle, and your one (1) UC application if you’re applying to the University of California system.

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