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    On behalf of all of Prepory, I send our warmest congratulations and best wishes to the graduating Class of 2022. 

    This was the most selective year for college admissions in American history. Prepory students did especially well. We are still collecting and computing our final data, but we are pleased to share that Prepory students have been accepted to every selective college and university in the nation.

    Our data from our Early Action and Early Decision applicants among the Class of 2022 showed that Prepory students were over 146% more likely to be admitted to highly selective institutions¹ than other applicants. A preliminary review of our students’ latest results indicates that their increased likelihood of admission through Regular Decision will be even more significant.

    Still, we are sympathetic to the emotional and sometimes heartbreaking nature of college admissions. While many of our students are overjoyed, many more across the world are grappling with dismay. To all students, please consider this message: you are not and will never be defined by the judgments of others. No admissions committee can truly comment on your worth.

    To the students, parents, and schools who have trusted Prepory with guiding you through the college admissions process: thank you. We wish you every success and look forward to celebrating your continued achievements in the many good years ahead. 


    Daniel E. Santos

    ¹ We define highly selective institutions as colleges and universities with an acceptance rate of less than 20%.  

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