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College Admissions

Colleges’ Fall Semester Plans Amid Coronavirus

As the fall semester quickly approaches, many high school students gear up for a vastly different 2020-21 school year than they signed up for. As …

College Admissions

COVID-19’s Impact On SAT and ACT Tests

 In addition to students actually taking the exam, a new challenge presented itself this spring: the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has affected college visits, financial aid packages, and now, test dates.

Career Coaching

8 Most Important Steps to Take After Being Laid-Off

Those who were laid-off will need to go back out onto the job market and go through the process of finding full-time work again. And while this may be a trying time, laid-off professionals should view this as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement.

Career Coaching

Navigating Your Job Search During Coronavirus

Whether you are graduating in a couple of months, recently got laid off, furloughed or have been unemployed, your job search process should shift.

College Admissions

How Coronavirus Will Affect College Admissions

As COVID-19 continues to shape our lives for the foreseeable future, it also shapes the college admissions landscape. Here’s how.

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