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College Admissions

What Is A Liberal Arts College?

Liberal arts colleges focus less on preparing students for a future career but place emphasis on encouraging them to become critical thinkers.

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College Admissions

How to Successfully Request Recommendation Letters

A letter of recommendation is how someone else perceives you and views you as a student and an individual.

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College Admissions

Resume Outline for High School Students

Writing a resume for working professionals is already daunting, so it’s completely understandable to feel overwhelmed at the thought of building a resume as a …

College Admissions

Colleges’ Fall Semester Plans Amid Coronavirus

As the fall semester quickly approaches, many high school students gear up for a vastly different 2020-21 school year than they signed up for. As …

College Admissions

10 Summer Activities That Look Good On College Applications

With a free schedule and no homework in sight, summer is a great time to amp up your high school resume. A fantastic resume improves your chances of getting accepted to your dream college. Here are 10 activities that can bolster your college applications.

College Admissions

When Should High School Students Apply For Scholarships

You can start applying for college scholarship money as early as your freshman year of high school and as late as the spring semester of your senior year. The earlier you start, the more opportunities you’ll have available to you! 

College Admissions

The College Application Process: All You Need To Know

Whether you’re a freshman in high school or you’re halfway through your junior year, college should be at the forefront of your mind. The college application process is constantly evolving and each school has its own set of requirements. With the following information, you will discover how to get through high school taking the proper steps to ensure college admissions success.

College Admissions

College Campus Tour Checklist

College campuses vary in size, student life, resources, landscape, and location. The best way to keep track of what you’ve seen when visiting colleges is by using a checklist.

College Admissions

College Admissions Officers Are Looking At Your Social Media Accounts

When using the internet, be mindful of how you present yourself. Keep these questions in mind when you’re auditing your social media accounts.

College Admissions

The Ultimate College Planning Guide for Parents

The college application process can be confusing for a student and we recognize it may be even harder for a parent to understand. In this guide, we break down the college application for parents.

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