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College Admissions Coaching

College Admissions Coaching – Transfer

Ongoing college admissions guidance with a Prepory college admissions coach at one of the nation’s top schools, including: 
  • Coach-led individual advising sessions that follow a unique grade-specific curriculum and aim to tackle all the facets of the college admissions process for the school year.
  • College Exploration Workshops and Thematic Workshops are hosted virtually by Prepory college admissions coaches. Join our College Exploration Workshops to interact with a network of Prepory coaches at the nation’s top schools to find your college fit. During Thematic Workshops, students will learn about important college topics such as dorm life and study abroad to prepare for their transition to college. 
  • Unlimited essay and resume reviews with comprehensive feedback on content, organization, grammar, formatting, and sentence structure.
  • Regular parent check-in calls with your child’s college admissions coach and a member of Prepory leadership to keep you updated on student progress. 
  • Complete access to college prep content and resources via MyPrepory, our online learning portal with the latest college admissions data. 

*Session frequency may vary by grade level. Contact us at info@prepory.com or +1 (929) 244-3365 to learn more about your student’s grade level.