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College Admissions

College Financial Planning – An Overview

Regardless of whether you attend a state school or a private school, college is expensive and, without proper planning, you may find yourself short of money. 

College Admissions

College Essays: Supplemental Essays

Supplemental essays are an imperative part of the college application process. This expert guide will help you nail your supplemental essays for a better chance of getting admitted to your dream school.

College Admissions

College Admissions Assistance: The 10 Things To Consider Before Hiring a College Counselor

There are a multitude of options available when looking for college admissions assistance. Comparing and contrasting each company’s service offerings and level of expertise can be tricky. Here are some factors to consider as you shop for the right college admissions coach.

College Admissions

A College Planning Checklist For Seniors

The ultimate guide to a successful senior year and the college application process crafted by college admissions experts. 

College Admissions

How to Write an Email to a College Admissions Office: The Ultimate Sample

No matter the reason, you must ensure that your email to the admissions officer is both professional and authentic.

College Admissions

College Planning Timeline for 12th Grade Students

Before beginning senior year, you should finalize your college application list, write the first draft of your personal statement, and complete the SAT and ACT at least once. If not, don’t fret. Here’s what you need to do.

College Admissions

Starting The College Search Process: Choosing The Right University for You

While prestige and quality of resources available are important, the most important thing is that you attend a school where you feel you belong and are able to thrive in all dimensions of your life there. 

College Admissions

College Admissions Assistance: Do College Admissions Calculators Work?

Do college admissions calculators work? How can an admissions chancer estimate my chances of being admitted to my dream school? Read on to find out.

College Admissions

A College Planning Checklist For Juniors

Junior year is busy as you begin to plan for the college application process. Here’s what you need to check off your list in order to have a successful junior year.

College Admissions

College Essays: The Personal Statement

The personal statement is one of the most important components of the college application process. This expert guide will help you to nail your personal statement for a better shot of acceptance to your dream college.

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