10 Summer Activities That Look Good On College Applications

With a free schedule and no homework in sight, summer is a great time to amp up your high school resume. A fantastic resume improves your chances of getting accepted to your dream college. Here are 10 activities that can bolster your college applications.

When Should High School Students Apply For Scholarships

You can start applying for college scholarship money as early as your freshman year of high school and as late as the spring semester of your senior year. The earlier you start, the more opportunities you’ll have available to you! 

The College Application Process: All You Need To Know

Whether you’re a freshman in high school or you’re halfway through your junior year, college should be at the forefront of your mind. The college application process is constantly evolving and each school has its own set of requirements. With the following information, you will discover how to get through high school taking the proper steps to ensure college admissions success.

How To Help Your Child With College Applications

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child. You enroll them in the best schools, make sure they’re maintaining healthy eating habits, you drive them to soccer games, and keep them engaged in numerous extracurricular activities. But now you’ve reached uncertain territory: the college admissions process.

COVID-19’s Impact On SAT and ACT Tests

 In addition to students actually taking the exam, a new challenge presented itself this spring: the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has affected college visits, financial aid packages, and now, test dates.

College Campus Tour Checklist

College campuses vary in size, student life, resources, landscape, and location. The best way to keep track of what you’ve seen when visiting colleges is by using a checklist.

Ultimate Guide on Faith-Based Colleges in the U.S.

While most colleges and universities give students exposure to individuals from all different backgrounds, faith-based colleges help students find a community of people with similar religious ideals.

How to Control Your Senioritis Symptoms

Senioritis is the state of “can’t wait to be done with high school” and its impacts vary across individuals. Read on to find out how to detect symptoms of senioritis and how to avoid them in order to finish your senior year strong.