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    You’ve completed your sophomore year and now you’re on your way to being an upperclassman! This is where the years of high school get even more critical. You have to start thinking about college, extracurricular activities, SAT prep, and AP classes.

    While there may be more on your plate as you go into your junior year, you can accomplish things during your summer that will help you advance in high school. We’re going to go over a to-do list of things to perform during the summer before your junior year of high school.

    What You Need to Know About Junior Year

    As you go into 11th grade, things get more serious. You are always expected to advance. This is the year to prove yourself to your teachers and yourself. During your junior year, you are expected to take advanced placement classes as well as tend to extracurricular activities that will help you get into a good college. 

    There is even more responsibility coming your way as you head into your junior year of high school. This is the time to look more into the colleges that you want to attend. What are their requirements or what qualifications that you need to get into said college? While looking into colleges, focus on your studies. Different standardized tests are coming your way. Make sure to study for the SAT/ACT. 

    Another thing that you might consider accomplishing in your junior year of high school is getting your first (or a) job. You’ll be old enough to make this happen, but there will likely be a lot on your plate with school work. Make sure to only add on the extra responsibility if you have the bandwidth. Prioritizing appropriately will help you stay on track with all of your responsibilities.

    Now that you have a better idea of what is to come during your junior year of high school, let’s take a look at different ways to make your summer more productive. 

    Quick and easy summer to-do list for juniors in high school


    List of college interests

    One of the first things that we recommend you do during the summer before your junior year is to make a list of the top colleges you want to attend. Typically you want to choose your ideal 6 colleges.


    College tours/campus visits

    Another thing to consider the summer before and after your junior year of college is to visit the colleges you want to attend. This is where you can concretely decide if these are the colleges that you want to attend. 

    Consider the distance of the colleges you want to attend and plan accordingly. This can also be a great opportunity for traveling with friends and family.

    There is a lot to discover when you are on the college campus. You get to experience the atmosphere and lifestyle. Ask as many questions as you can! Here’s a checklist that can help you organize important information to ask while on-campus.


    SAT prep

    You should also start preparing for standardized tests to come like the SAT or ACT. Junior year is typically the year you take the SAT. Usually in the second semester. The SAT is required upon entry to college and is a standardized test based on your entire knowledge gathered in high school.


    Extracurricular activities

    It’s time to step up work outside of school! Volunteering and extracurricular activities look great on your college application. Work hard and plan to succeed.


    Summer job/internship

    The last thing that can make the summer before your junior year productive is getting a job or internship. This is something that gives you added responsibility. A job means you are making money, and potentially saving it for college. It also 

    means you are learning to work with a team and gain new experiences.

    Another option you have is to gain a summer internship. This is beneficial if you are looking to gain experience in something you are passionate about. Internships are both known as paid and unpaid, and can potentially turn into jobs of their own. Having these additional experiences is great to have on your college application.

    Key takeaways

    After reading about everything that you can accomplish in the summer before your Junior year, now is the time to decide what you are going to do. Will you focus on your college choices and curriculum, or follow the route of passions and workforce? Everything on this to-do list is to help guide you in the right direction and help prepare you for what is to come. Happy Studying!

    If at any point you want to ask a college counselor questions, or need help with SAT prep, prepory is here for you. Contact one of our counselors today!


    Still curious about how internships work and the best ways to get them? Keep reading through these questions that are asked just as frequently as they’re being answered. 

    Go in headstrong! Focus on school and your grades. Talk to counselors about the SAT and anything you might need for college preparation.

    11th grade is considered the hardest and most important year in high school. This is because the main prep for college comes with this year of high school. A lot more responsibility and academic achievements.

    Junior year can be considered stressful based on all the extra academic work that comes along with it. However, if you don’t procrastinate and get everything completed and turned in on time, it doesn’t have to be stressful!